Two significant search trend

  1. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 13 months ago

    I wanted to share two trends I see in content that are very successful today.

    The first one is what I call the opposing argument to the search term. Google wants balanced search results. You will often see articles that promote a very positive sentiment, but rarely will you see opposing or dissenting content. In my view, this is a really big opportunity to explain the opposing argument.   Here is an example in the search results for the term guinea pig. … ent=safari  See the pethelpful result. The content almost serves as a warning to folks considering a guinea pig. There are lots of examples where people could offer opposing, dissenting or warnings. It's a big opportunity.

    The next one is the list. 25 reasons why a math is important, 15 incredible ways to BBQ chicken, 287 ideas to dress sisters for Halloween are all ways of crafting title and then supporting content that is quite good and useful. Of the newly written articles we see that get lots of traction, this  format is dominating the top traffic list. I saw this being successful and wanted to try it myself. I created this article on BBQ sauces. It's now one of my most popular articles. … ecipe-Ever

    Several of the most sophisticated companies at optimizing for SEO results have invested heavily in this format. Every time you see a result from Pinterest in the search results, look at the title. Hearst is another example. Search for baked chicken recipes and see how well Delish, the Hearst property is doing. They have had huge growth on the back of lists of recipes with great photos.   

    The key is to build a really deep list and supporting content that is fantastic.