Stupid Corporate Tricks: True Stories. Add Yours Today!

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    Leta Sposted 8 years ago

    1.  You are now required to write down in a log, step by step, in precise 2 min. increments each and every task you do from the time you here to the time you leave.  This includes toilet breaks, the acquisition of coffee or candy bars, the answering of each and every telephone call and e-mail you receive, as well as misc. filing, paper clipping or copying...what have you.  IF you chat with a customer or client, or fellow employee, we need to know in precise, minute detail the contents of that conversation and how it yielded results for the company, as well as how long it takes.  Chop chop. We are improving efficiency.  Time is money, we go by the clock.  Never mind the writing of these reports minute-by-minute in long hand taking an extra 3 hrs out of each and every work day, producing 6 pages of paper saturated in ink by every pathetic sap of an employee, and possibly taking 5-6 years of said employees' lives.

    2.  You didn't see the memo? You can NO longer wear jeans as usual on casual Fridays.  The memo specifically said that Fridays are now Hawaiian print shirt days.  Hawaiian shirts, and only Hawaiian shirts.  See:  "Fridays are now Hawaiian Print Shirt Days."  That did not say jeans.  You are being written up for not following instructions.  OR--worse.  You are being given the ICY stare from the pubescent nepotism-appointed Director of Something or Somesuch for not following company expectations and RULES. (Why does this seem to usually happen to usually nicely dressed people who have, say, three closets full of clothes?  I just don't know, wink)

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      curiozitiesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Re rule number 1, what I do is I log in that I'm logging in an entry.  By the end of the week the number crunchers and bean counters see that I have spent at least 80 percent of my time filling out their stupid log and only 20 percent of the time actually doing work. 

      This usually cures them of the idea of having us log everything we do.

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    SweetiePieposted 8 years ago

    I have worked in several workplaces where there were casuals Fridays, but I never felt obligated to participate.  If I wanted to wear skirt on the day everyone else wore jeans I just did it.  Some people would stare or comment that I was not wearing jeans, but so what?  I have a few pairs of pants, but mostly I just like to wear skirts.  At first this throws some people off a bit because there seems to be a culture in some workplaces where everyone wanted to dress casual.  The first week of orientations as a middle school teacher I was told by some of the ladies I did not have to wear a dress the next day, so I informed them that this was my preference.  They basically said they did not dress up, and if they had a problem with it I was not worried overly much.