what are the requirements of opening a business account in the us

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    bsilooyposted 8 years ago

    what are the requirements of opening a business account in the us

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    Sue Realposted 8 years ago

    you first need a liscense depending on the type of business
    to operate various types of  business, such as a liquor store, bar, even street peddlers need to pay to be on the particular block.

    If you want to work from home on line, you need to contact a bank a commercial bank not a savings bank and open up an account and get a business number.  If you get a checking account  for the business you pay for each check received and each check sent.
    The bank gets this fee from you.
    You also need to do a title search, you could be taken to court if you copy someone's logo or name.  Spelling it with a twist could avoid this problem. 
    Your  business identification  number permits you to accept
    credit cards for payment and If you have a big plan I would advise you to get a lawyer to do all this for you, if you can afford it.  And of course, if you are in the USA you must make arrangements to pay taxes and I believe that  you need a business tax identification number. 
    If this does not make you pull your hair out then get one of those "How to start a business - for dumb people"
    It will give you the basics,  laws constantly change so you have to keep on top of things, ignorance of the law does not get you excused and you could have to pay fines and penalities for mistakes. 
    You must start with a business plan and have something to show the bank in what your expenses will be and what kind of profit you expect to make to have them take you seriously.
    Good Luck

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    davidwpaposted 8 years ago

    I agree with everything Sue said, but I know when I started my business several years ago, I had to register my name before the bank would give me an account as a business entity.  After the research I think that is the first step.  Register your name and then open the account