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I want to study journalism but the job market isnt good for them right now, what

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    morganvallemposted 7 years ago

    I want to study journalism but the job market isnt good for them right now, what should i do?

    Its been my dream to be a journalist and write about the way i feel about current happenings but somehow i can't get excited because I'm not even sure i get a good paying job out of college.

  2. Cougar1002 profile image59
    Cougar1002posted 7 years ago

    Something I've learned is that when you're passionate about a particular field you can find ways to stand out from the crowd and beat what you think may be the odds.  If all you look at is the overall conditions, it may be depressing because doing that takes away what you can control--your effort, your drive, your ability to go beyond what most people may be too lazy to do, etc.

    When I decided to become a novelist, a book that helped me was "48 Days to the Work You Love" by Dan Miller.  It has a lot of practical advice on transitioning from the kind of job that you're working for financial reasons (we all have those pesky habits like eating and sleeping indoors) to doing what you enjoy while still making money at it.  I think it could give you a good starting point.  If you're curious, I'm now on novel four and very happy with my life and financial situation.  It didn't happen overnight, but the journey has been worthwhile, too.

    Best wishes to you! smile

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    Isabellasposted 7 years ago

    It can be difficult at times, but if you are serious about it it will pan out. However, to help gain valuable writing experience on the internet I would recommend checking out the following sites:

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    Those will help you gain some valuable experience and you can check out examiner.com. Then you will be able to use those articles as published works for your resume.

    You can also check out a site called journalismjobs.com (check the spelling on that though). That is a great site for finding journalism jobs.

  4. niner profile image56
    ninerposted 7 years ago

    I agree with the other answers - if you are passionate about it and work hard enough, you can make it work. It'll be hard, but doing what you love is worth a struggle to break into the field.

    If you're still really nervous about it, consider double-majoring in business or getting a minor? Also, you could get a teaching degree (which in some schools is as short as 18 credits + student teaching/block), and have that as a back-up.

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    NotWiredThatWayposted 6 years ago

    Go ahead and study journalism.  If you can afford it, think about a double major or a masters in a field that is more attractive to the economy. 

    Chances are when you graduate you won't be doing anything in the field you obtained your degree in anyway.