No scam plz, i need legit affiliate business, better than gdi.

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    lama0204posted 7 years ago

    No scam plz, i need legit affiliate business, better than gdi.

    i am with gdi, but, i am not getting any referral now. i tried hard for 1 year. i used atleast 70/60 different ways to advertise it, solo ad to viralurl safelist, you name it.i had 10 downline and all gone. is there any affiliate program which is better than gdi, or, any best gdi downline builder? i know must of online scams, so, plz help me with honesty.... thank you

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    tompaigeposted 7 years ago

    There Are many great Affiliate programs, Its in the way you promote them that makes the difference.  So don t lock yourself into just one! Join several that you really like and then,You Need to provide Useful information, and the way that you do that is by setting you a String Of Events, What I mean by that is you need to have a Blog, then you need to post articles all about your program. Point those article back towards you blog. On Your Blog needs have a lead capture, In order for people to opt in you need to offer some List Bait. That's a Free report, or Free Information that you think Your customers may find of some use. This is a building process, but just think of all the time you wasted on one program, that you did not promote correctly. If you want further info then email me and I will send you over a map on how to do these steps.
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    KevinTimothyposted 7 years ago


    I'm sorry to say that this same thing can happen to you regardless of the affiliate business that you join. The bottom line is that in most cases it's not the business that's the problem; it's your marketing strategies (and the system) you are using.

    The other comment (from tompaige) is correct; don't place all of your eggs in one basket. The key is to become affiliates of many companies. By the way, just because you don't make any money that doesn't mean the company is terrible. Just remember, it's the marketing system.