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What is the importance of internet in your life? If it vanishes overnight,what w

  1. gajanis786 profile image86
    gajanis786posted 7 years ago

    What is the importance of internet in your life? If it vanishes overnight,what will happen to you?

  2. ravko profile image60
    ravkoposted 7 years ago

    If the internet vanished overnight, I'd be forced to walk into a library for all my reading content, I'd be forced to buy my local newspaper, I'd be forced to buy magazines...I'd have to say the internet is important to me for all my news, articles, stories and even watching video's...I'd once again be forced to use snail mail which would mean nobody would hear from me...Basically I'd loss my world, I'm addicted...

  3. MickS profile image70
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Nothing will happen to those who understand that the Internet is only a tool, if it breaks, we go back to the old tools and/or, invent new ones.  We have lived without the Internet and its associated technology most of the time since those first primates dropped out of the trees.

  4. sadidas profile image50
    sadidasposted 7 years ago

    it has become so vital that I'm scared even to imagine a life without it!

  5. binnys18303 profile image37
    binnys18303posted 7 years ago

    Internet is essential not only for work purposes but it is one of the vital aspects to enhance mental development. I believe that parents should teach their children right from the 5 years of age. The teenagers spend lot of time on social networking websites, its okay but Internet is a huge resource of information. Internet training is also provided by some Internet Masters and thus one can make the from such services to understand the importance of this incredible gift of technology called Internet.

  6. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    i enjoy the internet a lot but now that my holidays are over i spend a lot less time on it. if it went away i would be building something in my garage like a minature boat or a catapult(minature also)

  7. wychic profile image88
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    The importance of the internet in my life is that it is my entire means of income. That said, the skills that I currently use on the internet could, no doubt, be used with some success on the local level. However, my income would be severely capped that way, and individual clients would be more difficult to find. This is a very sparsely-populated area, so if the internet vanished I would most likely have to pursue a very different career. This wouldn't be catastrophic to me, but extremely disappointing because I love my job, I know it well, and there is amazing income potential for me as I get more and more elements in place.

  8. garyyoungberg profile image62
    garyyoungbergposted 7 years ago

    If the internet vanished, I would be pretty much out of business.