Nd front turn singnal wont work bulb is good

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    colfordwposted 6 years ago

    Nd front turn singnal wont work bulb is good

    i have a 89 nissan pickup v6 I have no rear light or front turn signal gas and tem singnal nor no dash board light does not work

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    framistanposted 6 years ago

    On older vehicles, the GROUNDING wire gets corroded sometimes.  Look around both sides left and right at all the wires going to the lights you are having problems with.  Look for a wire that is bolted to the metal chassis of the car.  That wire may be rusty where it touches the metal of the car.  Remove the bolt. Clean off the rust. then put the wire back.  That might fix it for you.  Sometimes also, bulbs LOOK good but might actually have a broken filiament.  Did you test the bulb or just LOOK at the filiament?  Testing is the proper method, not LOOKING.  Also, you may have corrosion built up in the bulbs SOCKET.  If so... clean the corrosion off, then put some anti-corrosion grease inside the socket.. then insert the bulb. As a final suggestion, you might have a bad BLINKER... thats the little relay that clicks on and off under your dash usually located on the fusebox.