Are there any own/op driving jobs available

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    GearyMposted 6 years ago

    Are there any own/op driving jobs available

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    Ghost32posted 6 years ago

    I've been out of the industry for two years now, but the general pattern should hold.

    Not every service company (water haulers and other groups supporting the rigs) uses owner operators, but some do in every oilpatch I've seen (or heard about) so far.  About the only way to find out WHO is taking them on and WHAT the qualifications may be (wihich will vary wildly from company to company) to take a few days to scope out the area in person.

    The reason for that is this:  From a distance, you can probably find out which large companies (like Nabors or Hyland, for example) are operating in a given patch.  But the best chances for an owner operator may well lie with a local company you'll never even hear about unless you're right there, talking to folks who know, face to face.