How did you start your freelance career?

  1. CowgirlDreams profile image56
    CowgirlDreamsposted 7 years ago

    How did you start your freelance career?

    I am trying to break into that as a recent graduate, with some writing experience from internships and my jobs, as well as with a novel going through publication.

  2. Cogitationalist profile image67
    Cogitationalistposted 7 years ago

    Figure out exactly what it is you want to do, what skills you have which you can monetize and what you both are and are not qualified to do.

    For the things you want to do, but aren't qualified, you can then seek information on becoming qualified.

    If you can write, demandstudios is a good place to start. Look into my girlfriends' hub about her experience with it for more info, or just go to the site. … 500-A-Week

    The most important thing is that you identify what it is you're going to do. For example, I like photography and own a camera, if I wanted to start freelancing I would look into how I can sell photos I've taken/will take.

    My initial thoughts go to photojournalism and stock photography, and I'd pick one of those that I found more 'up my alley' and pursue that; for Photojournalism I would look into my local papers or online news sources and look into their 'careers' sections - hoping to find relevant info about submitting photos to them for wages. For stock photography I would look into stock photo sites like or istockphoto and see how you become one of their providers, see what the process is for submitting photos and pricing, etc etc.

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    belalshkhposted 7 years ago

    With SEO works on oDesk. It was 3 months hard working result. And now I'm successful freelancer on oDesk.