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Would you hire a life coach? If so, would you be willing to work with your coac

  1. preston7153 profile image61
    preston7153posted 6 years ago

    Would you hire a life coach?  If so, would you be willing to work with your coach online?

    I know that is more than one question, but I have a degree in Psychology and am thinking about starting my own life coach business.  I am just wondering what peoples thoughts are on life coaches.  What reasons would you choose to go to life coach?  What in particular would you be looking for in a life coach?  Thanks for any suggestions or info that you can offer!

  2. Oneit profile image70
    Oneitposted 6 years ago

    To be brutally honest I would never visit a life coach and I can't understand why anyone would. If you're not happy with how your life is then why would you need someone to tell you how to make it better. You just have figure that out on your own, everyone's different and what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.

  3. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    it wouldn't even cross my mind. if i need some coach to show me how to live, that would mean i'm stupid and that's one thing i'm not.

  4. growtogether profile image60
    growtogetherposted 4 years ago

    First of all, a life coach won't tell you how to live a better life. It is not the life coach's job to do so. I think life coaching is so misunderstood.
    I have a good definitions here on my website, check it out:
    http://www.toprelationshipcoaching.com/ … XKzbLUp91E
    It's important to know the difference between those professions, because then you can make a good decision with which professional, you want to work with. You need advice or how to do this or that, consult a mentor. You need to talk about some past issues and problems, consult a counselor. You need to work on important goals or yours and need to set up some actions step, go talk to a life coach.
    To answer your question about would people be willing to work with a coach online, my answer is I think coaching is still so new for people to give it shot.
    I'm in the process to do my life coaching certification and it's difficult to find people to do this online. Even more difficult to do it live when you live in a very small town too haha. I think life coaches need to make it crystal clear what coaching is and what it is not before anything else. People have too many judgments and opinions on it.