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What are the importance of planning?

  1. Maai Mufyd profile image51
    Maai Mufydposted 6 years ago

    What are the importance of planning?

  2. ramkimeena profile image60
    ramkimeenaposted 6 years ago

    Planning makes it  very clear for us to  prioritise our tasks.  Time management is eased. Schedules are kept without any hazzles. Planning means saving  of money, time  and  energy  for indivuduals and organizations.

  3. jeanniedoe profile image56
    jeanniedoeposted 6 years ago

    Planning is preparation. You have a guide to follow so that during your work you will not find any hassle at the same time you can finish your task at a given period of time.

  4. forall profile image61
    forallposted 6 years ago

    I don't know if I can quote a part of my hub "Why do the others succeed while I fail?" here because it answers your question.
    In short, planning is important because it is a gain of time and effort. Doing tasks according to your priorities makes you avoid turning around searching for a goal, thus, a lot of non useful work will be avoided too. Knowing what to do, how and when is the main purpose of planning. Somehow, It is a shortcut to success.

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