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Does HubPages give a financial statement at the end of the year?

  1. Pamela N Red profile image85
    Pamela N Redposted 6 years ago

    Does HubPages give a financial statement at the end of the year?

    For tax purposes do we need to keep our own records or will we get a statement of yearly earnings from HubPages?

  2. BizVT34 profile image73
    BizVT34posted 6 years ago

    oh, I sure hope I need a HubPages financial report at the end of the year! :-)

  3. davenmidtown profile image88
    davenmidtownposted 6 years ago

    Your earnings are posted under the earnings tab. It tallies each month. I believe you can export that data or you can simply add it up. recent changes within the IRS indicated that if you were paid through paypal and made over a certain amount of money that paypal was responsible for issuing you a tax notice... not sure though. Will look forward to reading more here.

  4. connieow profile image78
    connieowposted 6 years ago

    By law, Hubpages and other sources like this sends out a statement at the end of the year. I forget the number used on the form, 1099, I think. This gives your earnings for the year. The cut off for these notices is either $400 or $600. In which case you do need to know how much you earn so you can file taxes on that amount. You do not need to file taxes if you earn less than $400. I think that is the cut off. But it may not be anymore. So check the IRS. smile

    I hope this helps.