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What advice would you give to a young unemployed person trying to find a job in

  1. iwriteforyou profile image71
    iwriteforyouposted 5 years ago

    What advice would you give to a young unemployed person trying to find a job in today's market ?

    In the news there are always stories referring to youth unemployment and a lost generation etc. What advice would you give to a young person who became discouraged ?

  2. drpennypincher profile image95
    drpennypincherposted 5 years ago

    If you know what field you want to work in, find some way to get started in that field- even if it's in the "mailroom".  If you get to know people working in your field, you will have a better chance to find opportunities and move up.

    You could even target a specific company that you admire: seek an entry level position and move up from there.

    If you have been unemployed for awhile, consider part-time work.  It will help build your resume and provide some money while your job search continues.  If all else fails, you can seek a volunteer position to pick up skills, experience, and maybe a positive reference.

  3. Glasso profile image61
    Glassoposted 5 years ago

    There are few points. First, remember there is always someone who is in a worse situation compare to yours. Second, apply to as many positions as you can even those under your qualifications. Every job is needed an benefits society as long as i is not illegal.

  4. donotfear profile image86
    donotfearposted 5 years ago

    When you go for an inteview, don't wear jeans or excessive jewelry.  Women, don't wear a plunging neckline and pants so tight they look like snake skin. Don't wear flip flops.  Keep your arms covered, meaning short sleeves, no tank or sleevless tops.  Keep your skirts a decent length at the knee. 

    Men, wear Khakis or dress slacks, no sneakers, no sagging or overly baggy pants. No t-shirts, but polos or dress shirts.

    Look your interviewer in the eye and stay upbeat.  Don't expect to start at the top. Focus on your skills learned over time, not solely on a list of previous jobs, but WHAT YOU LEARNED ON THE JOB.