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Is GlobalTestMarket legit site for online survey

  1. thumbi7 profile image64
    thumbi7posted 5 years ago

    Is GlobalTestMarket legit site for online survey

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    JMW38posted 5 years ago

    Yes, it's legit. GlobalTestMarket offers points for completed surveys. Once you reach 1000 points you can trade them in for rewards. They also offer sweepstakes for you to take part in, and from that your name is put into a drawing for a cash prize. It does take a bit of time and a lot of surveys to reach that 1000 mark.

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    rethu45posted 4 years ago

    I did a whois lookup for this site  GlobalTestMarket.com here http://www.whoisxy.com/. Here i got formatted information. Then i have searched some reviews in Google finally i saw some reviews here http://www.scamadviser.com/  i got this message "High Trust Rating.This Site Looks Safe To use." and here http://www.webutation.net/shop i got 100% web reputation. I think it is legit only.if you are satisfied with that reviews you can go with that site.

  4. Idrus S profile image60
    Idrus Sposted 3 years ago

    GlobalTestMarket not a scam. I just received two checks for payment of commission with a value of more than 100 USD. The check is published by RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland NV) Jakarta branch office. Both of these checks have been redeemable through the BCA collection mechanism. If you would like to see a screen shot of both these checks please look at this address.  http://www.blogbisnisonline.info/2014/0 … bayar.html