Whats your opinion on Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg Noble Cause

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    Joseph Muendoposted 4 years ago

    Whats your opinion on Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg Noble Cause

    "We have a strange immigration policy which is unfit in today's world," Zuckerberg wrote in a Washington Post.He is using social-media tools to mobilise public support for immigration reforms, better schools and more funding for scientific research. Zuckerberg said the US needs to attract the most talented and hard working people. And many of them, he said, are foreign-born.
    "Given all this, why do we kick out the more than 40 per cent of math and science graduate students who are not US citizens after educating them?" he asked


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    Rayne123posted 4 years ago

    well let me say my opinion on this guy

    Everything he says is for show, he is phoney right down to his middle finger. I can spot out a phoney anywhere. I can name you other celebs/performers, however I could go on for ever so I wont.

    He is a greedy, in-genuine, selfish no good for nothing excuse for a human being.

    His facebook now sucks and with all the money he has you would think he would hire someone to :"actually" answer questions that are so many instead of leading them to so many answers that still become unanswered. Its like calling an automated receptionist.

    I have emailed him so many times (when I was on fb) and send him comments and then emailed him again privately. I went to his page that he pretends to have to make himself look good and nothing.

    This is the automated answer "Thanks for your questions/comments, someone will respond to you within the next few days"

    Translation........Thanks for bugging us again, we probably will never reply however keeping checking your email and you may receive your answer in a couple of years when we get even bigger than we are now.

    So enough said
    Thanks for the question