Is digital marketing more effective than Traditional Marketing?

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    apnaodmposted 2 years ago

    Is digital marketing more effective than Traditional Marketing?

    Everything depends on technology nowadays. That good old marketing strategy of hoardings or  billboards no more gives that same benefits to the marketers. Shops too are moving online.Everything has turned out to be digital. Traditional marketing still exist but Digital Marketing is In now.

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    m abdullah javedposted 2 years ago

    A warm welcome here at hubpages susmita.
    In general the answer to your query is yes, when you are specific, it can't be true everywhere, it may vary from place to place. In small cities and remote villages people prefer to go for the traditional marketing because of the lack of understanding of the digital modes or facilities. More often, the digital marketing appears quite unfamiliar here. As far the future, the digital marketing may become one of the most prominent mean.
    Another factor is about the types of commodity, if it demands a gentle observation, people may prefer the traditional method.

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    hubber8893posted 22 months ago

    I can certainly say  one thing for sure ,"Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing in terms of easy,quick and broad approach to mass population in areas where technology has been implemented through core concepts.