How would I get into being a courtroom artist?

  1. Brooke Ellis profile image61
    Brooke Ellisposted 17 months ago

    How would I get into being a courtroom artist?

    I was just wondering that because I am finishing 6th Form next year, I should start searching for job opportunities. I really like the idea of being a courtroom artist, but I have no idea on how to become one.

    I do not want to go university, I believe that I already have the skills to become a courtroom artist, its just finding that opportunity.

    Hope someone can help


  2. Ashish Dadgaa profile image57
    Ashish Dadgaaposted 17 months ago

    Hey  Brooke Ellis,

    Good to heard That you have skills and potential to become good courtroom artist.

    - You can try your luck by displaying your painting or arts through Blog or your website.
    - You can start your own Facebook page with your brand name.
    - You can join the artist community and share your work with them.
    - You can start your Hub here as to Market your paintings.

    I hope that idea helps you.

    Please feel free to contact smile

    Bless you.