attractor factor exercises

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    fashlonposted 7 years ago

    you can literally attract all the good stuffs you care about to yourself by understanding simple principles , first ,you attract to yourself whatever thought that preoccupies you. why, you are "human magnet" , the mechanism of reciprocal returns does not have the functionality of discrimination, therefore, it brings back to you  a duplicate of your thought; either good or bad. why is it that some people can't just stay out troubles? while another keeps having all goodies coming to him, even when he did not solicit for them. as you think so you are, so  even you will also have. check this fact out in your experience before you comment.

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    fashlonposted 7 years ago

    your believe largely determines what eventually you will get or experience. there are some exercises  to help you attract money or any ggod stuff you desire.
    Exercise one:
    List all you don’t want in a sheet paper
    Experience the pains or grieve they cause as you read them out loud to yourself all alone in a seclude place or room
    Set it on fire , watch the flame go up, feel the pain and grieve go with it
    Blow away the arches
    Take ten deep breaths; say to yourself now I open a new leaf.
    Do this for ten days
    Exercise two:
    Feel the joy of starting a new
    Take a plain paper write the new things you want, be specific in figures, numbers and words. Don’t be vague.
    Bark in the euphoria of having them until you become ecstatic.
    Remain in this state with eyes closed and enjoy  this feel
    Do this for ten days.
    May sound a warning and caution, the simplicity of these exercises may be too stupid to believe in its potency, because we love complexity. But look around you and the simplicity of nature. The natural laws are very simple, as simple as they are immutable. The same with these exercises, they are natural laws being triggered, they are immutable.  Comment on your experience after you have tried them they are immutable