Keys To Internet Success

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  1. benad01 profile image57
    benad01posted 10 years ago

    I have never seen a door without a key, A key is an instrument used to lock and unlock a door and they come in different shapes and sizes.The internet is not left out in the use of keys. Success on the internet is largely dependent on ideas, principles and action, you need to discover the keys to unlocking the mega opportunities of wealth creation awash the internet. below are golden keys to internet success.

    Key No1: you need an idea.Ideas is the first golden key to success on the internet every invention ever made was once an idea, infact the world wide web was once an idea that was created by action. I once read a book where the author boldly declared that we don’t have a money problem but an idea problem. ideas is the starting point of any great achievement on the internet. do you want to become an internet guru? be ready to think

    .Key No 2: Desire (BE DESIROUS)I have never seen any one who succeeds without a desire to .Ideas are borne out of the desire to succeed in any field of endeavor.desire is the second golden key to unlocking the unlimited riches awash the Internet.Key

    No 3-Determination (BE DETERMINED)Do you know that every man is given equal opportunity to succeed on the Internet? the difference between successful Internet marketers and failures is not just knowledge but determination. Determination is the catalyst of that hastens the rate of our reaction to our ideas and desires.

    Key No 4: Action (Take Action)Everyone with a website or blog is given the potential to succeed by God. The potential is already in you. The potential will not be released until you take your ideas, thoughts, plans and put action into them.Action has always rewritten history and is the vehicle that conveys your dream idea and through to the island called reality.

    KEY No 5 – BE PATIENT (PATIENCE)This is the last and must important key to Internet success your cannot plant a seed today and expect it to germinate immediately. It is impossible. So also you cannot short an Internet business today and expect it to grow overnight you home to be patient and build your strategies and before long, you will hit it big on the Internet.

    1. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image61
      JYOTI KOTHARIposted 10 years agoin reply to this
  2. shailini profile image57
    shailiniposted 10 years ago

    Thats great. Well written.

  3. VioletSun profile image77
    VioletSunposted 10 years ago

    Agree with Shailini; very well written and yet another reminder on action and patience.
    Passion is important too. Was thinking that I have some ideas sitting because I haven't had the passion to get it going. The tasks I have completed is because I throughly enjoyed the process and had a passion for them. Hmmmm... thanks for writing this, timely reminder!

  4. roni prayitno profile image60
    roni prayitnoposted 10 years ago

    nice share thank you

  5. roni prayitno profile image60
    roni prayitnoposted 10 years ago

    somebody can tell me how to start ?
    i am newer here.



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