Review of Focus Pointe Global's Focus Groups

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    Enigmasinfinityposted 9 years ago

    I just wrote a hub page about this, but I figured I would post in the forum as well. When I first visited Focus Pointe Global's website at the suggestion of another forum, I was skeptical, as always. But, being a person that likes to try everything once, I filled out their questionnaire. Within a couple days I had an immediate invitation to try out one of their focus groups to give my opinion on new television pilots for major television networks and cable stations. When I showed up at the facility, not only did I get free parking, but I was greeted by a very friendly staff who lead me through their pristine and beautifully decorated facility to a comfortable conference room. I was served lunch and for the next two hours enjoyed an intelligent discussion about the shows we had just witnessed. At the end of the focus group, to my surprise, I was handed a $75 check already made out in my name.
    By far, this was the best experience I've ever had with any market research company. Not only that, but every other focus group that I've signed up for with Focus Pointe Global has had the same consistently wonderful organization and service. I have even tried some of Focus Pointe Global's surveys and I got paid $2 to $25 every time. If anyone is interested you can look up Focus Pointe Global in any search engine and the web page should come up.
    I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with this company because I know how difficult it is to pay the bills sometimes. If anyone has other suggestions of money making opportunities or experiences they would like to share, I would greatly appreciate it.