improper waste management

  1. ACKEDY MADOR profile image56
    ACKEDY MADORposted 6 years ago

    improper waste management has a number of negative effects on our economy,our surroundings  that is the way they looks like, environment and so on. However, if an area is not properly managed that is it has a lot garbage it looses its value and even the people who had ideas of investing in your area will just stop. On the other, much money is spent by the government to try to remove waste and this is done at the expense of other developments.

    Some of the effects that improper waste management has on the environment is causing water pollution,air pollution,global warming through the accumlation of mathene which is a greenhouse gas and many others.

    therefore, it is important that we reduce in the accumulation of litter so that we can reduce on the effects it has.