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Learn How To Generate Online Income

Updated on June 5, 2020
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Current student of the Partner With Anthony program. I must say that i am learning a great deal from it and highly recommend it.

My Short Bio

Just to give a quick bio of me. My name is Cliff Walker. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who was looking for ways to generate a residual income through the use of the internet. I stumbled across a guy named Anthony Morrison and his program called, the Partner With Anthony program on a Face Book ad after a Google Search. Of course at first I was skeptical, because of the many advertisements that I have seen on social media platforms that claim to give you basically quick success and then you buy into it only for them to try to up-sale you to buy other products (That usually are pretty expensive!) to make the initial product that you've already purchased work! That sucks!! Not to mention it is pretty discouraging in your quest to find new entrepreneurial ideas. Partner With Anthony is not like that at all, in fact the initial products that you need to get the business going and generating SOME income are relatively inexpensive and somewhat self pacing. After watching the initial video presentation, I realized that this "online business opportunity" was NOT like others. There are OTHER programs that I have clicked on only to find out that they were only trying to up-sale me to buying products that I didn't need and at times were so complex to use that I just quit all together. Now my initial amount that I paid is gone and I began to think that all of the other online business ads were the same. I found that Partner With Anthony was NOT like the others. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we should understand that you CANNOT start a business with absolutely NO funding and that if you truly want to have a successful business that you have to invest in the proper tools to make the business successful. The PWA program allows you to invest in your business without "breaking the bank" per-say. There will be tools that you will eventually need that will cost a fair amount, but if you follow the program as instructed then it should be no issue in acquiring said tools as you should have already made money from this program to assist, unless you already had the money to invest right away. I had to change my way of thinking and look at these purchases not so much as an expense, but an investment towards not only MY future success and financial freedom, but that too of my children and generations to come. I am currently still going through the sessions. In fact I am on session 6. At this point we have already set up our basic tool platforms to allow us to start generating commissions off of the software and programs that we are using to run the business.This is where you really get to see the potential with getting involved with this program. The inexpensive programs that you have purchased to start your business are the same programs that are going to pay you! That makes perfect sense to me and is the very reason that I signed up to be a part of this program. I personally am motivated to keep pushing with this endeavor and I am quite sure that anyone else who gets involved will see the potential in it and find the same motivation. I have looked into and tried a few other online ventures from real estate, helping people claim money owed to them by the government, online auto sales, drop shipping etc. I found that some of these are expensive to get going, can be quite confusing, and can be a bit of a rat race to generate leads to your specific business or affiliation status. I'm not saying that these ways do not work and that you can not be successful with them, but they just were not for me at this time. I find this program to be more honest first off, easy to understand and the support team is very responsive and supportive. Please understand that this article is MY personal opinion and experience thus far and NOT that of Anthony Morrison or the Partner With Anthony Program, or anyone who may offer other services that I may have spoken of in this article.


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