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Making Money is Not Easy. I Will Explain.

Updated on October 22, 2009

If You are not Making $600 A Day Stop!

Everyone wants to "make money at home" and "fire the boss", and buy a Lamborgini, and have a Wells Fargo Truck deliver their money to the bank, and so on and so on just after going bankrupt. How many times have you heard that ot seen those offers? I got news for you, it does not work like that. There may have been a hand full that have made fortunes on the internet, excluding investors of AOL, Microsoft, and the like. I am speaking of the everyday poor soul that is bombarded with ads or emails like "Easy Money", "Money is King", "Drive A Porche", "Retire in a Month", buy your dream home and so on, over and over again. Its hard to turn these offers down and usually the folks that buy into these offers do it time and time again.

The thing is you have to do your homework and try to land on an offer that you really fall in love with and are excited about and can't find no discouraging remarks about. Its kind of like buying a car. Either you are a smart buyer or oh well. I hope you are all smart buyers and make lots of money so you can fire the boss. In these time with all the robberies, killings, people out of work (God bless em) and all that's going on you really don't need to be outside.

Everyone does want to make a good living and wants to make it now. There's no patience. People do want to make a living on the internet and people want to stay at home, but how many people have been taken buy these Bernie Madoff types that promise you one hundred thousand dollars a month. Folks do not really want to put the time and money into make a living on the internet, they want it to happen over night. The people that have made it, worked for it. It does not come easy. You have to advertise, advertise, advertise. The average takes for someone to notice your ad is having it in front of the seven times. So you can't put it out there one time and expect money to roll in like the plague. You would be better off trying to get the plague. It would be easier from what I have seen with this pig thing going around. No offense to anyone.

I have been working online for about six years now and make good money, but I am not rich by no means. I do vacation four times a year, and drive a nice vehicle, live in a comfortable home, and have plenty of time with my wife. But, like I said I am not independently wealthy.

I will tell you a secret. Once in a while I get on the lazy side. like most of you, I like making money and doing nothing. It took me a long time to figure out what kind of website I needed and what kind of backup site I needed.

While the lazy site I use is a push button site and I will give you that url a little later but first I will tell you that the site takes the burden out of advertising and getting my site out there to be seen. I sure do appreciate there efforts. It's all done for me. I do spend a minimum amount of money to have this done but what I get in return is outstanding. You don't run a business on zero dollars. It just does not happen. You have to spend something. Look at Ebay for example. You spend to sell and you spend to recieve. "You have to pay the piper". I found a web company that really delivers. It's cheap and you can build a site in about twenty minutes for $12 a year and thats cheap. Here's a little site I put together with a discovery I made on the golf Course. Homestead wants a minimum of like $60 a year or $4.99 a month for an inexpensive site and then you have to build it and it depends on how much material you want to put into the site, it could cost more. They do have easy to use website setup tools but so does the cheaper site builder.

To sell, I use a lot of safelist, google, yahoo, ppc's, classifieds, saw it online, craigslist, and the classified club, when I am working my own sites but when working with the Push Button Dream System, they do it all. This is a true push button system and it sure takes the stress out of trying to blast my site to the world: (copy and paste) See what you think. Its so cool.

If you will email me with "making a living" as the subject, I will give you some advise and URL's for some free or not so free excellent assistance. Happy days are ahead folks.

Then you will need to send some email ads out go to: copy and paste into browser

Make it a great day guys and gals.


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    • ginosblog profile image

      ginosblog 8 years ago from Florida

      Thanks friend. I made a few more changes you might want to take another look see.

    • prasannasutrave profile image

      prasannasutrave 8 years ago from mumbai( india )

      Nice Hub.