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Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

Updated on December 23, 2014

Best Heavy Duty Paper Cutters

These Heavy Duty Paper Cutters come in all sizes and materials. They range from inexpensive models for the home office for under $100 to the serious paper slicers that will slice through large stacks of paper. Whatever your paper cutting needs are, you will find your solution here.

When all you need is a nice, straight cut edge on your paper, it's way too slow and tedious to use a pair of scissors. It's impossible to make a clean straight cut that way. Also, your time is way too important to waste it on menial tasks like paper cutting.

I'm a strong advocate of using the right tool for the job. There is no better tool for making a clean and straight cut through paper than a heavy duty guillotine style paper cutter. If you have stacks of paper to cut through, you can even get a more powerful model that will cut through all of them at once.

We've found a large selection of high quality paper cutters at very favorable prices at We are pleased to recommend Amazon to our visitors because we have experienced the highest level of customer service there. Not only that, but they even offer free shipping options for many of their products.

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Top Rated Guillotine Style Paper Cutters

There are a wide variety of paper cutters to fit your individual needs. When shopping for a paper cutter, pay close attention to the dimensions of the deck, the length of the blade, and the volume cutting capacity. Assess your own needs and determine which cutter meets those needs.

The following paper cutters are among the most popular and highest rated paper cutting tools on These units have been reviewed by a large number of consumers and have been suggested to be an excellent value for the price. Click on the images below to learn more about each of these paper slicers.

Martin Yale Commercial 200 Sheet Stack Paper Cutter

Time is money! Don't waste precious time slicing through dozens of sets of 3-4 sheets of paper at a time. Grab the whole stack and slide them into a heavy duty stack paper cutter.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how easy it is to cut through up to a 1 1/2 inch stack of papers and leave a straight, clean edge. The extra long handle provides even the most petite of individuals all the leverage they need to do the job. Learn more...

Heavy Duty Paper Cutters for Big Jobs

If you have the need to slice through dozens of sheets of paper at the same time, either at home or in your business, you should consider one of the Heavy Duty options below. These large capacity paper cutters will slice through stacks of paper with ease, leaving a clean cut from top to bottom.

As always, we have searched for the best value in paper cutters from the popular opinion of consumers who have purchased and used them.

Heavy Duty Paper Cutters Under $100 - Perfect for the Home Office

When scissors just don't cut it (no pun intended) but you don't want to spend an arm or leg for a serious paper cutter, there is a wide selection of light use, inexpensive paper slicers that are great for use in the home. It isn't necessary to overspend for a commercial grade paper cutter if you are only using it occasionally for cutting straight edges on a few sheets of paper.

The following are the most popular, inexpensive, light duty paper cutters being sold on These have been rated to be a great value by the consumers who have purchased these paper slicers. Even though you are spending much less, it's good to have assurance that the item you are purchasing is of adequate quality in relation to the price you are paying.

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