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How To Be Successful Selling Downloads

Updated on July 26, 2011

How To Be Successful Selling Downloads

The downloading of files (audio, video, software, documents, etc.) is one of the most popular tasks online today. While many downloads are free, there is still opportunity to sell downloads for profit. With the advent of Master Resale Rights (MRR) products a new seller doesn't need to necessarily create products to sell but can purchase a download with MRR and start reselling the product immediately. Here are a few tips I recommend implementing to help make yourself a successful download seller.

The Importance of Product Images

People are very visual creatures and images help to do more than just get their attention. Images also help people visualize the product they will receive for their money, even if the product is intangible. A clear and vivid picture representing the download or a screenshot of the download if applicable is a good way to let your customers visualize owning the download. And there is no lie in the saying that a picture is worth a thousands words.

The Importance of Product Descriptions

Even if a picture is worth a thousand words you should definitely write your description as if the potential buyer does not have access to the picture. You want to paint a picture with your words and leave no questions unanswered. There is no such thing as too much relevant information when it comes to the description. People have different learning styles, some people receive more information from images and some absorb more information from reading. Great photos and a robust description gives the buyer exactly what they need to make an informed decision and gives them confidence in purchasing as well.

Previews and Demos of Downloads

With software it has been an industry standard to offer shareware or trial versions of software that allows buyers to test the functionality of the software before purchasing the full version. This works great, but selling downloads is more than just selling software. In many cases to offer a trial version of a download is equivalent to giving it away for free. To give potential buyers the opportunity to see your download in action it may be necessary to demonstrate its use with video. There are a number of screen recording software that will allow you to record your use of a software, ebook, script, or anything else that can be presented on your computer screen. This works great to allow the buyer to take a peek before they buy and it also serves as a nice marketing tool to promote your download even further.

Delivering Customer Service

You will undoubtedly have requests for service before and after the sale. You can minimize your pre-sale questions by having a robust and detailed description. But it is still important to know the product that you are selling so that you can accurately answer any question that is thrown at you.

Proper handing of post sale customer service requests is vital to your download business. After all, the buyer has already made the purchase and doesn't want to feel as if you've made a run for it after you received their money. A quick response will keep your customer happy, will lower your rate of refunds, and will boost your return business from the customer.

I personally recommend answering all inquiries personally without using auto-responding canned email messages. This may be difficult for some to do but if it can be done it definitely should be done, because there is nothing like having a personal touch and customers love knowing that a real person is hearing their concern and working to address the concern.

The Downloads You Sell

Better living through technology was a saying, well that is what the download is all about. The download entertains, informs, assists, automates, solves, and performs for us. Having a product that is useful and unique will ensure that it is sold more often. If you can afford it, have a freelancer develop a product for you that is completely unique. This will help you stand out in the sea of downloads. Alternatively you can create unique images and description that still accurately represent your product but make your product different than similar products.

Setting The Download Price

The right price for your download is a very important part of having a successful product. After all the price is usually what makes or breaks a sale. Many uninformed sellers attempt to lowball the price to get lower than their competition which in turn makes their competitors lower their prices as well, which ends up totally devaluing the product itself because it is now selling for a ridiculously low price. If you have followed the tips listed above particularly the tips on Images, Description, and Previews you should be able to sell your download for higher than your competitors and still sell more downloads than they do.

Remember most people have been shopping all their lives in brick and mortar stores and most do believe in the principle that "You get what you pay for", so having a great download selling for $0.99 will make your download seem as if it really isn't that valuable regardless of its quality. Have a unique product image, a unique and informative product description that emphasizes the benefits to the customer, and you will be able to set your price higher. And once you have created these unique images and descriptions they become your intellectual property and you will be able to keep other sellers from using them without your permission, allowing you to stand out from the crowd of identical PLR and MRR downloads.

Available Download Marketplaces

There is no such thing as selling in too many places. Just like investing in stocks, you should diversify the marketplaces where you sell. This allows you to reach more potential buyers and gives you the opportunity to cross promote your products from different websites. Here are some digital marketplaces that are good for selling downloads and the fees to start selling:

Download-Bay (Free) -

E-Junkie (1 Week Free) -

Payloadz (Free with $100 Month Sales Limit) -

Tradebit ($4.95 Registration + 30% Commission Deducted per Sale) -


I hope that you have enjoyed reading these tips for selling downloads. I have used most of these same tips for years as an eBay Powerseller and continue to use these principles today as I continue to make money selling downloads. Even though the competition for selling downloads is steep with other sellers, free download sites, and torrent sites, you still can create a positive stream of income if you are diligent and apply these tips.

Best of luck in all your endeavors


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