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How to Create an Attractive and Effective Newsletter With Smilebox

Updated on December 5, 2019
katerinakostaki profile image

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek visionary author, poet, healer and speaker.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT Network.

About Newsletters

Newsletters have been one of my priorities in my spiritual awakening process .

As a spiritual author I 've been working since 2007 on the process of spreading the messages of Spirit to my followers .

My recent newsletters series are entitled THE LIGHT OF THE DAWN .

Obviously the content has to do with the Light that evolves with our Awakening and re-connects us with Cosmic Consciousness.

That is the spiritual side of ourselves and my duty is to awaken people to re-discover who they really are.

In order to succeed to this attainment, to fulfill this goal, I have to deal with new technologies like many of the so -called Light workers do (happily ).

New technologies have been the best tools to gain popularity, advertise products, sell and purchase or simply meet new friends and increase the number of followers.

Whatever the reason or the outcome,technologies are perfect for what we have long time ago began to deal with : our destiny .

Internet has been the primary and possibly the final frontier to where no man has ever gone before (!), as we (Light-workers and star-seeds) eventually relay on to approach more people and share our heartfelt messages .

We possibly belong to the lucky ones,where the magic clicks of Internet turn to be our magic means for Inspiration, Motivation and Spirituality.

Smilebox [Old Version]
Smilebox [Old Version]
Smilebox is the fun, new way to keep in touch and share life¿s moments with friends and family! Perfect for every mood and occasion, Smilebox allows you to create animated greetings, slideshows, scrapbooks and more with your favorite photos, music and video. It's as easy as 1,2, 1) Select a designer template 2) Add text and music and drag and drop in photos and video 3) Share your creation by print, email or post to a blog Additional Capabilities: Works with major social networking sites including Facebook and MySpace. Compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook, Yahoo, GMail, and more! Smilebox is fun to use and amazing to share!

Smilebox in my Inbox!

How did I discover Smilebox?

Simply,I received a Christmas Card created by Smilebox in my inbox from a very good friend-and good in discovering new applications eg. Technologies.

Probably was my inspirational day as I got a superb gift that supported me a lot in my creative writing and e-marketing.

In this single Christmas card she was sending her Christmas wishes along with photos, music, text .

Later that day I discovered that not only could I upload all this stuff, but also videos !Aside to these facilities ,many -many layouts were placed in front of my surprised eyes to choose among them the one that fits well to my Dream Newsletter.

© 2012 Katerina Kostaki


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