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How to create an attractive and effective newsletter with Smilebox

Updated on October 9, 2014

About Newsletters

Newsletters have been one of my priorities in my spiritual awakening process .

As a spiritual author I 've been working since 2007 on the process of spreading the messages of Spirit to my followers .

My recent newsletters series are entitled THE LIGHT OF THE DAWN .

Obviously the content has to do with the Light that evolves with our Awakening and re-connects us with Cosmic Consciousness.

That is the spiritual side of ourselves and my duty is to awaken people to re-discover who they really are.

In order to succeed to this attainment, to fulfill this goal, I have to deal with new technologies like many of the so -called Light workers do (happily ).

New technologies have been the best tools to gain popularity, advertise products, sell and purchase or simply meet new friends and increase the number of followers.

Whatever the reason or the outcome,technologies are perfect for what we have long time ago began to deal with : our destiny .

Internet has been the primary and possibly the final frontier to where no man has ever gone before (!), as we (Light-workers and star-seeds) eventually relay on to approach more people and share our heartfelt messages .

We possibly belong to the lucky ones,where the magic clicks of Internet turn to be our magic means for Inspiration, Motivation and Spirituality.

Smilebox in my Inbox!

How did I discover Smilebox?

Simply,I received a Christmas Card created by Smilebox in my inbox from a very good friend-and good in discovering new applications eg. Technologies.

Probably was my inspirational day as I got a superb gift that supported me a lot in my creative writing and e-marketing.

In this single Christmas card she was sending her Christmas wishes along with photos, music, text .

Later that day I discovered that not only could I upload all this stuff, but also videos !Aside to these facilities ,many -many layouts were placed in front of my surprised eyes to choose among them the one that fits well to my Dream Newsletter.

This newsletter customized with Smilebox

This is the January 2012 newsletter from series "The Light of the Dawn".

Recommended Books

The Magic of Newsletter Marketing - The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life
The Magic of Newsletter Marketing - The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life

Unlock the secrets to stronger and more profitable customer relationships. Discover how to make a custom newsletter your strongest marketing and business-building tool ever one that fills your pipeline with more repeat and referral business. The Magic of Newsletter Marketing: The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life, reveals the philosophy, strategies, and tactics for effectively marketing with newsletters to build your business. It shows you clearly both why and how to use newsletters to retain clients, get new clients, and boost client loyalty. Whatever business or industry you are in, this book will help you produce a newsletter that you can be proud of and use to build your business. Even if you don t think you can write one, Jim s strategies will help you create and publish a newsletter that will inspire your customers and clients. According to Vision Day co-founders Rob Berkley and Debbie Phillips, Jim is a living genius in the business of newsletter marketing, and he can teach you how to get and keep more customers and significantly increase your profits. When it comes to newsletters, Jim is truly the Newsletter Guru.

Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing: Creating Newsletters, Magazines & Websites People Will Read (book with CD-Rom)
Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing: Creating Newsletters, Magazines & Websites People Will Read (book with CD-Rom)

Raise money, awareness, membership for your nonprofit and get your message across with Every Nonprofit's Guide to Publishing. From developing an idea to distributing the final publication, you'll get the information you need. Find out how to: design and print engaging magazines or newsletters;create an appealing website;develop successful ad sales and fundraising strategies.Includes all the legal forms you need

Writing Exceptional Missionary: f
Writing Exceptional Missionary: f

This book shows anyone who writes personal ministry newsletters how to captivate readers. It shows how to increase your letter's impact and provides tips for sending and mailing newsletters. It is for seasoned and new missionaries, church leaders, mission organizations, mission boards, and any person encouraging missionaries to communicate well.


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    • katerinakostaki profile image

      Katerina Kostaki 5 years ago from Athens,Greece

      @Virginia Allain: welcome and thanks @vallain. Indeed smilbox is very useful in notifying people on new events,publications and more.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Your newsletter is marvelous. My aunt used Smilebox to send out new book arrival announcements for her library. It sure is a versatile tool.

      I have a page about how to use Smilebox on your Squidoo lenses.

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I've just started using Smilebox, so I don't know much about it yet, but it looks like it could be a wonderful tool for many projects. Thanks for your info! :)

    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 6 years ago from Australia

      I hadn't even heard of this (not really in the business of newsletters though), so learnt a lot - thank you.