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How to Create Incredible Web Content for Top Search Engine Ranking

Updated on April 18, 2015

How to Create the Best Web Content for Top Search Engine Ranking

This is the method used by most successful internet marketers who have built successful websites and blogs. Content drives business and without the correct content for your web or blog, you are doomed to be shunned by major search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Content is all about brand journalism and when well done, success is evident.

What content search engines look for

When it comes to how to create incredible web content for top Search engine ranking, beyond content one needs to think about the actual design, navigation ease, color and use of the correct technology. Many web designers tend to focus on the above aspects at the expense of content. These are just designers and have nothing to do with the web content itself.

In any website, content in totality drives action, latest technology and high budget design does not drive traffic to any site. Most hotel chains in the world for example have very poor content and their website almost look the same; the Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton name them and their content is not original but generic. The idea here is, every hotel property has its unique features and attributes and this should be communicated in their website content.

Good and bad web content examples

Appearance and navigation are secondary aspects of any website but awesome content is very important. People are searching for specific key phrases which are ranked highly by search engines. Such phrases are line Sheraton honeymoon or Sheraton all inclusive. Your content should be tied to the various buyers, markets and media at one stop. Phrases like presidential suit should be avoided since a farmer is not comfortable with the phrase but can afford the suite.

The basis for good content stems from the ability to solve buyers' problems with the right content. What the customer wants should come first and content should be based on a particular hotel for example. Take note of what people are interested in currently and not what the trends have been previously. A good example is the Chaa Creek website which drives people to the facility since they search for general travel information.

What people look for in web content

The way you present your content or website in social networks also reflects what your content is all about. Once you attract prospects with good content on Facebook or Twitter shows your knowledge in what you do and what the customer wants. In nutshell that is how to create incredible web content for top search engine ranking and you do not need to break into a bank to achieve.


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