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how to win your boss' trust and keep winning

Updated on February 8, 2011
pic by Todd Baker   technowannabe
pic by Todd Baker technowannabe

Would you like to get your boss off your back?

Would you like to be able to work in peace?

Hate it when she/he stands on your head or peers over your shoulder to look at your screen to see what it is that you are doing?

Here are some tips on how you can break free.

This is also an add-on note on how to manage helicopter managers.

Helicopter Management - What it is- What (not) to do - How to manage(ment) it!

1. Train

most employees think they are the ones who should be getting trained.  This is true, but it is also true that you need to train your boss.

When you start your working relationship, your boss is a little puppy.  Get him/her used to a schedule or a style of working and they will happily remain with it.  As long as they get what they want, they will let you do your thing.

So put them into a habit of sorts.


1. Brief your boss every morning as they walk into office.  Walk with them, giving quick updates.  Repeat the process as they leave for the day. 

2. Find out if your boss would like weekly reviews or maybe email updates. 

The Idea is to train them to receive information and not keep calling you at odd hours.

Bosses will then only trouble you for something immediate and urgent and on most occasions they will already know about it, since you already briefed them.

2. Trust

In the start of the relationship (your new job or a new boss) make it a point to create situations where your trust factor is highlighted.

Can you do something that tells the boss you can be trusted?

Can you demonstrate you integrity?

Why is this so important?

In the days to come, there will be situations where you will find yourself 'my-word-against-someone-else's'

This is where the trust will win the battle.

I have head many bosses say 'If he says he did, he did. That man does not lie'

oh IMP - you may have to own up to your mistakes to achieve this.

see more

3. Initiative

People who do more on their own, keep coming back to the boss for more, and generally beyond the call of duty, do not need to carry their boss on their back.

The boss figures, his/her time would be better utilized riding the good-for-nothing-slouchers!

4. Ideate

Give your boss new ideas all the time.

Always look at ways to improve.

Dont want your boss to stop by your cubicle and question you on what you are doing? 

Give him/her 3 ideas that they promise to think about and revert to you.  Once they make themselves comfortable, gently ask how they think the ideas could help.  What in their immense exposure and expereince could be done to make the idea even better.

Most average bosses will avoid troubling you.

Trust me.

5. Settle Disputes At Your Own Level

Dont escalate everything to your boss.

You think showing your boss how incompetent the others are is a good thing, but it is not.  They more you make him interfere the more he will think he needs to interfere.

Sort it out yourself (as far as possible) and keep him out of the picture.

Of course remember to update him/her as mentioned in point 1.

6. Do his/her work for him/her

Ask, take on extra work and perform.

The more you do their work, the more they like you, the more indispensable you become, the less the chances of him/her hovering about you.

I wrote about this in The only 2 Rules you will ever need to succeed!

leave your info about your quirky boss and I will help you manage him/her!

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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 4 years ago from chandigarh

      Wow! You really know your boss!

    • profile image

      RH 4 years ago

      hi , my boss does the following:

      -he always says he is turned-off work which gives him the excuse for not coming to the office daily or coming around 3-4pm

      -when he is at work, he only concentrates with financial issues, or problems that people throw on his lap

      -he doesnt plan ahead not even his daily program, leaves matters until they turn to problems & solves them when they are about to explode

      -whenever you ask for a meeting to discuss things in details or plan ahead, he always finds the excuse to delay or postpone due to other things he has on his agenda like having financial problems or bank commitments , ...etc.

      -he engages in social & networking activities more than concentrating on work & planning ahead thinking that the networking leads to more sales

      -always busy & doesnt like to inform employees of his scheduel thinking they have no right to know where he is or what he is doing which leads employees not to know when they will be able to get his feedback re garding any matters even if urgent

      -never gives a feedback , likes to sleep on things , but even after sleeping on it , gets busy & forgets to give his feedback

      -never checks emails regularly , never acknowledges receipt so you are never sure if he read the emails even the urgent ones.

      -when he tells me something to do , i get a different message & work upon it , then after i finish it , he says no this is not what i meant & that i always misunderstand what he asked of me

      -he always expects people to know what he means without spelling it out in words

      -when an employee is discussing something with him , then another employee comes to his office & starts discussing another thing in the middle of the first discussion , he never tells him to wait , rarely that he does , instead he gets distracted into the new conversation & discusses with him , even if a third or fourth conversation. he ends up having 4-5 employees discussing different subjects & a queue standing to get their turn, so frustrating

      -he usually sees the empty part of the glass before the full part. sees the negative in anything before he appreciates whatever has been accomplished

      -very hard to make him sit at a meeting to discuss something

      -he makes it on time for meetings outside the office , but never cares if he comes late to employees meetings or even not show up or interrupt the meeting coz he simply has a personal issue

      -always complains that employees are irresponsible & dont take ownership although he never delegates & never gives authorities

      -truts people with financials , but never trusts that they will do the task right

      -he wants people to do things like he would do it himself , but never trusts otherwise

      -does not allow anyone to send emails without getting back to him first as he wants to sen dit himself & do everything himself coz this is the only way things will be done right

      -does not keep up any agreement thinking that he always has reason to change it & has right as a boss

      -he has never worked as an employee since he took over his father's business . always been a boss so he actually has no idea about work dicipline , holidays , planning , ....etc

      there is still more , but this is what i remember now.

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Great article. I agree with the points you make. We have an employee who works with us who is consistently late, always texting, stretches the truth often and likes to work when it suits them. I make a point of doing what they will not do in hopes that this will put me in a better light with my bosses. I think this employee is starting to wear thin on them. Thanks for sharing. Teresa