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How to Give up the Reigns in Your Business

Updated on May 10, 2019
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Hi there, my name is Trishna and I'm a business success & abundance mindset coach.


How to give up the reigns in your business

I don't need to tell you this, but when you're handing over your business/baby to be managed by someone else, you want to make sure it's in good hands. To help ensure that, here are some things to consider:

1. Put documented processes in place

Before you hire a manager to run your business you need to make sure you have your processes and best practices clearly documented.

There will of course be some training required when you on board your manager. But you want to know your exact process so you can give clear instructions. The clearer your instructions, the happier your manager, and the better your results and confidence.

This documentation will also serve as a reference for your manager to go back to when he/she is unclear or has questions. The more specific your documentation, the better your manager can do their job and the fewer questions they ring you for.

2. Know your business's core values

What are the top three values you want your business to embody and represent? Consider:

  • How do you want your customers to feel when they interact with your business?
  • How do you want them to see your business?
  • How do you want them to describe your business?

Do you want to create a culture of acceptance? Do you like to foster teamwork? Do you want your clients to feel like family? Do you want to create an environment of community? Do you prioritize cleanliness (would be relevant in the food industry, for ex)?

Pick your three. Any more than that and it becomes hard to deliver well on them, and it dilutes your message. You want to focus on the few, deliver with excellence and ingrain it in your culture and in the minds of your customers.


3. Go through a reputable source.

If you don't know anyone personally that you would like to hire on to your team, go through some reputable sources. Look for headhunters or corporate/executive firms in your area, build relationships with them, find one you trust and work with them to create a job description for your candidates. Do the same with VA/outsourcing companies if you are looking for someone overseas.

4. Know your qualifiers

There are a few key components to finding the right manager for your business.

The first is, you want to make sure the person is willing and able to learn the processes you have set up.

You then want to make sure they are excited about building on what you have. Management is about maintenance, but there is always room for improvement and you want someone who notices gaps and sticking points and comes up with solutions.

Your process documentation isn't a static piece of content never meant to be altered. It is a reference point of what has worked, but no system is perfect and the market is always changing. It should be a living document.

Nothing is more important than a positive, open minded attitude. So screen for that in your candidates as well. Attitudes, positive and negative, are infectious. Which one do you want spreading through your organization and to your customers?

Finally, you want to gauge how well the person lines up with your core values. Do they value the same qualities you do? Do they show those same characteristics? If not, are they willing to?

5. Meet with your manager weekly

You may want to meet with your manager more than just once a week,especially at first. But keep it up even as they get the hang of things. Your manager doesn't just run your business, they also will be closer to the ins and outs of it.

This means that they will see issues you are no longer in touch with. They will see areas of improvement. And, if you have a new idea you want to launch, they will be a great sounding board for what will/won't work as they will be closer to the main operations, and maybe even with some of your customers.

You want to keep a beat on how things are going so you aren't surprised by any problems or changes, and so you can better deliver new ideas and offers you create.

What are some qualities you keep in mind when you delegate to your team or when you're looking for new candidates?

© 2019 Trishna S


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