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How to implement SMAC Solution for General Insurance In Rural Areas?

Updated on December 5, 2014

What is SMAC?

SMAC is an innovative business tool, where S stands for SOCIAL MEDIA, M stands for MOBILITY, A stands for ANALYTICS and C stands for CLOUD COMPUTING.

The entire SMAC process is meant for increasing productivity, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as managing the entire business data in real time.

Implementation of SMAC

To implement SMAC for General Insurance (GI) in rural areas, following strategy should be followed:

The main concern in rural areas is the internet reach especially in Asian countries, so one has to understand that not all the prospective customers will have an internet access, so here there is need to set-up a Point-of-Sale (POS) at different places in every rural area for tapping new customers and retaining the existing customers.

Role of POS

The job of a POS would be to help a customer to join a General Insurance plan. The POS will have access to mobile devices for entering the client’s data for registering them in any general insurance program of their choice.

Those rural customers who have access to internet can upload their data for registration by using their own mobile device and this they can do by using the interface provided by the service provider.

Role of Business Unit

The entire user data is stored in a secure cloud which can be accessed by the Business Unit (BU) of the company and the BU's will analyze the available client data and they will validate the customer’s GI request.

Use of Cloud

A secure cloud can be setup in every rural area for ease of data management and a backup of data from all the different rural regions can be kept on another secure centralized cloud for data security purpose.

Use of Social media, internet and mobile devices

The company can market its products by using social media to tap new clients. Various social media platforms can be used to educate the customers. Social media, internet and mobile devices can be used for policy registration, premium due date, expiry of policy, new GI plans and so on.

The POS should be used to educate the people throughout the rural areas. POS should explode social media all around their rural area for educating and selling General Insurance (GI) products.

SMAC will help a General Insurance (GI) firm to manage and analyze the customer’s data in real time, also it will increase their productivity. SMAC will help a General Insurance (GI) firm to market their products to a larger rural audience at a very low cost, thus cutting their marketing cost and increasing their overall profit.

Do you think SMAC implementation can increase productivity of a General Insurance firm?

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