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How To Limit The Word I In A Resume And Cover Letter

Updated on March 10, 2013

The Use Of The Word I In A Resume And Cover Letter

When writing a resume and a cover letter you are always told to avoid the word I, but as most write the word I comes up so naturally. Its hard to follow advice of pro resume writers when you don't know exactly how to pull it of. Just admitting the word I in a resume and cover letter seem so simple just up till the time when you try to go do it.

Using the word I is still an ongoing debate when talking to professional resume writers and hiring managers, but one thing that most can agree on that the word I can be used to much.

Avoid The Word I In A Resume
Avoid The Word I In A Resume

Why Is It Important To Avoid Using I In A Cover Letter?

How To Limit The Word I In A Resume

Using the word I when writing can make the focus be too much on yourself. While you want to sell your qualifications to a prospective employer, don't forget to explain how you would add value to the company. If your cover letter is dominated with "I," chances are you need to focus more of your content on the prospective employers instead of yourself.

An employer is not looking to hear all about you but to find a person that will fit the needs of the company. While this may require you to talk about your self it is best to be more focused on how your skills will help the company and avoid turning your resume and cover letter into an all about me page.

Avoid Resume Being An About Me Page
Avoid Resume Being An About Me Page

How To Limit The Word I In A Cover Letter

A cover letter often gets more attention then a resume does during the job interviewing process. This is why more then ever you should avoid having the cover letter be focused to much on you. It is okay to have one or so I's in a resume if you must, but focus more on the information they need to qualify you for the position.

One of the hardest spots to avoid the "I" dilemma is at the beginning of the cover letter. A typical cover letter may say " I am writing to submit my application....., instead you may say "Enclosed please find my resume regarding..............

How To Avoid Using I In A Resume

The word I is sometimes expected in the objective part of the resume but should be avoided throughout the body of the resume. A resume with a lot of I's can seem repetitive at times. Be creative and reword your sentience to be more eyecatching then an "about me" sentence.

Instead of saying " I assisted customers....., you can say Assisted costumers with........

Other Things To Avoid When Writing A Resume

  1. Never send in a resume without a cover letter.
  2. Unless asked to, never write resume or cover letter by hand.
  3. Don't write negative things about previous employers.
  4. Avoid catch phrases or trying to tell jokes.
  5. Never send in a job application that has not been proofread.
  6. Never, never, never send a cover letter that appears to be mass produced.
  7. Avoid listing personal hobbies or interests unless it has direct connection to the job you are applying to.

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