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How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Doing

Updated on April 28, 2020
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Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


One of the most common problems we have is related to making excuses. I am sure we all can relate to this issue.

Making excuses is not a big issue. But not working to overcome this problem, in the long run, is a bigger issue. So, if you have this bad habit then get this out of your system. There are many disadvantages related to making excuses.

There can be many reasons and after some thought, I have just found out seven major reasons related to this issue.

So, let’s share what are they and how we can overcome this problem.

Reasons Why People Make Excuses

1. Number one reason is people don’t want to leave their comfort zone

2. They always talk about the lack of time

3. People often talk about the lack of resources

4. They don’t want to follow any specific routine and goals

5. People don’t want to try new things in life

6. People are scared of making mistakes and failures

7. People lack self-motivation

So, these are some of the major reasons why people make excuses. Now, I will like to share some guidelines to overcome this issue.

Stop Blaming Others
Stop Blaming Others

Stop Blaming Others

First major problem with people is they play the blame game. In simple words, if we face any obstacles or problem in life we just like to put the fault on someone else shoulder.

We always blame the system or the people. Such type of habits will bring a considerable amount of strain in the relationship between people. Instead of blaming someone or the system, we need to see how we can resolve the problem.

Another solution is just cut the inflow of negatively around you. And take responsibility for your life in your hands.

You are responsible for yourself and your situation. If you don’t like the situation do something to change it in a positive way.

So, now you know blaming others for your issues is not the right thing to do.

Learn From Mistakes

Suppose you made some mistakes and couldn’t able to achieve your target. And now chances are you feel demotivated.

Well, my friend don’t look mistakes as something unimaginable. If you look into the history of any great man you will be surprised that all great people had their share of mistakes.

Eventually, they learned from mistakes and those mistakes became stepping stone to their success.

Therefore, you should see them as great learning opportunities. These mistakes are known as life’s experience, so go ahead and learn from them. You never know what valuable lessons you might learn from these mistakes.

Make Daily Plan To Achieve Goals

Many of you will agree with me that we want many things in life. So, this is the most important thing we need to do i.e to follow a daily routine.

I cannot stress the importance of this individual point. Once you will have a daily plan then it will be easy for you to monitor your excuses and success. And my best advice on this will be to start with small and attainable goals.

Once you perform those small tasks you will get some motivation and sense of achievement. Always remember taking the first step will be the hardest. Once the circle will complete you will understand the process. And your daily plan is achieving your set goals.

So, start doing a simple task, then move your attention towards a bigger task. Just go ahead and do at least 3 important tasks every day. And that’s it you are on your way to stop making excuses.

Focus On Your Weakness

Many gurus will say focus on your strength but I will also stress that working on your weakness is equally important. Because we see weakness as our excuses.

Now if you ask me why working on our weakness is important. Then let me share one example with you.

Suppose you run a blog and don’t know how to write an engaging article. Then you will always hire someone to write articles for you. Unless you have an article with you will give excuses in publishing something in your blog.

Now, what if you learn this skill of writing article. And since you have learned this art, all you need is to write and publish. So, this is the power of working on your weaknesses.


Before I end this topic I like to share a few things with you. See guys if you make excuses it will stop you from reaching your full potential.

You are a human being with unlimited energy, so don’t give excuses. Just see how you can overcome it.

Discuss openly if you have some issues and stay cheerful. I have observed those people who are cheerful are good performers.

And the last thing which I like to say is our mental attitude and habits make your decision. So, stay positive most of the time. And enjoy your process and achieve great success.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


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    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      11 months ago from Assam, India

      Thank you Mr. Krishna for sharing your valuable comment on my article. And yes you are right if there is a will, there is a away. Yes, we should dream and give 100% to reach our goal. Then no excuses will come on our way. Rightly said. Thanks for commenting.

    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      11 months ago from Assam, India

      Thank you Kabi Sir that you like my article. I am looking forward to write more article like this.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      11 months ago from South India

      If there is a will, there is away. The will power comes when you have a dream within, a goal to reach upon. So have a goal and make a plan to reach the goal, then excuses never come on your way if you stick on to the goal. Well written Mr Vikram, bringing out the false claims in many through your article.

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Wonderful and knowledge added article which one should appreciate found very appropriate for positive thinking habits get more article like that

    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      11 months ago from Assam, India

      Thank you Gopal ji for your valuable feedback. Yes, I really believe in this concepts. I personally endorse them.

    • talesofvikram profile imageAUTHOR

      Vikram Brahma 

      11 months ago from Assam, India

      Hey Prantika thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. Yes, you have rightly mentioned one should talk to someone to whom they trust. There should be always an open communication between people.

      Yes, one shouldn't overthink just start doing. Slowly slowly with time he or she understand how things work. They should trust and start doing without worry about the outcome. Consistency is more important now a days then speed.

    • Prantika Samanta profile image

      Prantika Samanta 

      11 months ago from Kolkata, India

      If some people are unable to identify the issues that are holding them back to reach their goals, they should discuss it with the people they believe. This may help in identifying the issues and help them overcome the issues.

      Stepping out of the comfort zone to understand one's potential or boundaries boosts confidence. But some people may find it difficult or overthinking or fear of failure may hold them back. They have to take small steps to gain confidence.

      One should read your suggestions mentioned in the article and try working on the issues to reach their goals.

      Thank you for sharing a wonderful article.

    • profile image

      Gopal Swaroop Anand 

      11 months ago

      Here author has clearly brought out that you have come out your comfort zone,learn from mistakes and face the failure.learning from mistakes is another way to achieve goals provided you don't blame others for your failures and should have guts to take the responsibility and move ahead is the success formula.


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