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How to Advertise a Nice Little Money Earner

Updated on April 26, 2014

Adverts are a key factor for generating income

Cleverly worded adverts carefully placed in Business Opportunity style magazines either in display or classified design can easily earn massive amounts of money real quickly without the need for a high quality product. The quality of the product will of course hit the repeat order potential but largely, it is the actual repetitive eye-catching ADVERT that gets the money rolling in from enthusiastic buyers.

An example:

A complete home-based Opportunity specially designed for easy selling to generate a steady income. No expensive mailing lists, envelopes or postage needed. A real money-maker that has proven to be quite staggering. Complete kit plus FREE full instructions on how to easily update at no extra cost - all for fewer than twenty dollars.

Selling the Idea and not the Stationery

It is true to say that with the majority of mail Order selling, the consumer always pays for the goods BEFORE they actually see them. In the case of Business Opportunities, it is invariably the "idea" which is sold - not the quality of the stationery that it is printed upon. In other words, so long as the intention is original, legal, moral, and relevant to the advertisement, almost any opportunity can be sold in this fashion.

As you will see, to complete the kit, a set of six A4 Mailing Lists with 138 Business Opportunity seekers names and addresses printed on them is available from the names is that it steadily becomes more and more difficult to remove duplications. Keeping an alphabetical index of all names you provide is the key. If a computer is not available, an old fashioned card index works reasonably well enough. A by-product of this system is that its takes a little time and soon you will OWN the original "Weekly updated mailing list" which can then be sold to increase your profits even further.

Follow the instructions and avoid a disaster

Always avoid using trading names on the lists, as they are more likely established operators and not beginners looking to expand their range of products. Therefore, always keep to initials and surnames.

However, if you need more names on lists as mentioned before, these are available from the publisher. What you must never do is get names from a mailing list that you have bought unless you have express permission to resell them. Most mailing lists sold are for individual use only. Lists bought from the publisher allow you specific permission to resell them.

The following action is important and you will have to plan how to best to word YOUR eye-catching money-making advertisement. Then, GET CRACKING. Remember, every missed magazine advert deadline is money not made.

The exact first thing to remember is that you are NOT selling mailing lists BUT selling "A nice little earner.” This idea works extremely successfully by you placing carefully worded advertisements either locally or nationally and then supplying your customers with a COPY of the complete kit. The process will repeat itself by the customers completing the same action for you. It is much up to each person to carefully decide on the wordage of their advertisements. The exact same product is subsequently extensively advertised BUT with such a wide range of wordage that prospective buyers will not identify the advertised product with one another.

Pricing your Neat little earner

The price at which you advertise "A neat little earner" at is entirely at your own discretion but "going cheap" does not necessarily attract more sales profit than the extreme opposite. One in 29 customers is worth ten 300 customers. In addition, the higher the price tags, the higher the curiosity factor. If you decide to settle on say ten dollars, just one client from your advert will easily cover the cost of your kit with all other sales being pure profit after allowing for the cost of advertising.

If you obtain the100 over name Mailing List, you will have to do to update is to add at least twenty five different names and addresses and mark it "up-dated": remove the list marked "1"; change the list marked "2" to "1", "3" to "2", "4" to "3" and finally the old "update" changed to "5".

By following this procedure, it will ensure that the names are genuinely different. Knowing that the full list is updated by twenty percent every time it is sold. This will mean that the list is most suitable for mailing out most types of "opportunities" products at any time either by you or for someone in the future.

You may want to increase the number of names to suit your own particular marketing program then it is entirely up to you. The master labels are designed to be photocopied directly onto the popular Avery DPS 24X photocopy label sheets that can be obtained from almost any stationery shop, very cheaply.

To save costs it is certainly worthwhile having a hundred complete kits printed rather than individually photocopying them. It would be wise to find the most competitive prices, if you do not have your own equipment. Overtime, it would save time and money to invest in your own equipment. A real cost saver.

Using the Free Magazine Offer

There are well over twenty five professional Business Opportunity magazines in circulation and that together will have a massive circulation. The easiest way of getting most of them for FREE is to write to "Free Magazine offer,” who will for a small fee to cover postage, arrange to have them sent to you. Wider circulation magazines should be considered carefully along with "Free-Ad “weekly publications. Remember, the higher the advertising rates, the higher the circulation.

A particularly useful tip on magazine advertising is that you must not expect to achieve fantastic results from your first advert - it just does not happen that way. It is generally accepted that a magazine advert has to regularly appear four or five times before it actually takes off. Most magazines offer a discount for three or more insertions - take the discount as it is better to advertise three times in one magazine than it is to just once in three different magazines.

Using blocks or any other way to highlight your advert is usually worth the little additional charge. Above all, never forget that it is "A neat little earner" that you are promoting, not mailing lists.

Up Dating Instructions

Obtaining excellent quality names in small numbers is extremely easy. Simply pick the names and addresses from the mountain of business opportunity mailings that you probably receive. If you do not get much suitable mail, enter your name on the mailing lists of the best list brokers. Alternatively, take names of classified advertisers from suitable magazines; unlike display advertisers, they are most likely to be new to the business and looking to expand their product line.

Enjoy your business

Any business or work venture you decide to do must be enjoyable. This little money earner can be a part time or full time basis for you. It all depends on your commitment and enjoyment. Remember all start up business take a little time to generate the extra cash and perseverance has a way of delivering the end results. Hard work always pays good dividends.

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