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How To Choose The Right Career Option

Updated on October 17, 2010

If you are looking for career options, there are many options available. But, you can not choose a career without carefully considering a few points. You should spend some of your time and energy to make the right decision so that you will feel happy and satisfied with your career.

- The first step in choosing a career is to study yourself. You should know your interests, skills and your characteristic traits. You need certain skills for a particular job and some specific traits for yet another job. For example, for a sales job, you need a lot of patience because there may be many refusals and you should be patient with people. There are very good self-assessment tools like career tests to do such a study. After such a study is made, it will be easy for you to make out a list of occupations that may suit you. There are career counselors also who may help you to make such a study. If you search on the Internet, you can find such career tests to make such a study.

- Once you make out a list of suitable occupations, you should make a deep study about the occupations. The job descriptions, the qualifications required for such occupations, the nature of the jobs, earning potential and career advancement opportunities should be studied deeply.

- The above exercise will have helped you to further narrow down your options. You should inquire with all possible sources and gather as much information as possible about the occupations on which you have interest. You can have more information about these companies if they have websites of their own. Otherwise, you can gather information from your friends, acquaintances and relatives. Even if they may not have much information, they may know people who have some useful information about these occupations.

- At each step, your list will be becoming shorter and shorter. Then, according to the earning potential, career advancement opportunities and the job satisfaction, you can choose the top 3 job opportunities. You should match these top 3 occupations with your goals and choose the most suitable one.

- The job you have chosen may need a few skills you may not immediately have. You should acquire these skills. But, acquiring certain skills may take a long time and you may not be able to choose such jobs immediately. You must choose a job, the skills of which can be acquired easily and quickly. For example, if you are already an Accountant and if the job requires learning a particular computer accounting package, such a package can be learned within one or two weeks.

- Once you have gained confidence that you can satisfy the employer more than their expectations, you can negotiate with them for a better remuneration.

By landing in such a job that has such a good potential for advancement in career, you will have a lot of scope to prove yourself and grow quickly in your career.


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