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Success Is A State Of Mind - The Power of Positive Thinking

Updated on June 13, 2014

Amazing Positive Power Thinking with Action is a Winning Combination

I have been amazed by the power of positive thinking and taking consistent action. Positive thinking, inner commitment and persistent action in the face of setbacks, helps you in your business, home, career and relationships. Science has shown that learning new things helps make the mind work better and more efficiently. We all walk about in trance states (our belief states). You know we react without thinking. Chose new actions with ways of thinking and behaving.

You have to the strength to believe in your dream and keep it alive and thriving. Standing up to the people who say you can not have that dream.Strive to learn and improve until you achieve it. Then persist with what you did to get there.

Positive thinking, confidence, determination, and attitude backed up with Action leads to more success in business. People respond to you in more positive ways. Little things and opportunities seem to appear more and more often. Business relationships are easier to form and last longer. I have experienced this in my own business. Positive people are seen as more attractive, happy, focused and successful.

If you have a pattern of self sabotaging or procrastination perhaps hypnosis is a tool you might consider. Their are many benefits of hypnosis, lowering stress, sleeping better, improved focus and overall more confidence.

Hypnosis, helps to build a successful, healthy and enriching life. Here are 7 Secrets that can help in Social Settings.

Hypnosis, helps to resolve conflicts, update your belief system to a healthier one and give yourself more appropriate symbols that move you to a more prosperous life.

Mastering Moving Forward

You Can Do It Now Take that Action

Mastering Moving Forward is a series of steps we take. The most important action we can take is just that taking daily action. No matter how small the step by taking that action it moves you continually forward. Combined daily positive thoughts and actions efforts cumulative benefit can be seen and felt. Motivating you to move forward.

Now is the time to start moving forward.

How does one move forward? Sometimes we just need a short break to reassess our life to date and reset. If we have been lazy for awhile and we want our dreams, it's time to get off the couch. Information is power -- observe yourself and see how you operate and how you get things done. Accomplishment is sweet and satisfying.

Examine you life and goals. Most of us attain a certain level and just do not redefine our goals or set new ones. Dreams yes, but we'll never see them if we do not take steps to make the dreams a reality. Tiny daily steps keep us moving forward. Even 15 minutes daily of working toward our goals -- our dreams -- can make all the difference in the world. A definite timeline keeps the dreams alaive and builds momemtum. Many people are parallyzed, stuck infear, worry and hurt. Moving forward is a new state of mind with action.

Living in survival is no fun. Learn how to eliminate the blocks that prevent forward movement.

Start from where you are.

Go in Nature to help reset mind and body connection, beach, mountain or a walk around the block.

Make a list things your good, at have where you can see it often.

Ask yourself, how did I get here?

Where do I want to go and what do I have to do to get there?

It does take time and effort and some honest self-assessment. But you are worth it. Begin the process now---the sooner you get moving, the sooner you start receiving a life with satisfaction, success, better health, and more rewarding relationships. What benefits do you want? Get started Now.

The Power of Your Mind

Your Words Have Power

The Positive and Negative Words Live In Different Places In The Brain

Positive Words and their processing come from the location of higher level of brain functioning. Love, happiness and joy are housed here. What does this mean to you? When we are passionate about something listen listen, feel and hear those words. Inspired thought followed by action. This cascade of chemicals from positive words are life enhancing and open doors to new options.

Positive words benefit you by:

Lowering stress

Lowers blood pressure

Greater clarity

People respond to you in a more positive maner

Helps reduce pain

Have you experienced those moments of happiness and creativity. That elated feeling of being in sync with everyone and everything. Insights and information flowed freely in speaking, written or in an artistic endeavor. It was like a magical moment.

Try this simple action: Take a moment to think and think of a happy moment along with some positive words notice what you experience. Keep a note of this, and use it often.

Negative words keeps us trapped in fear and survival mode of the primitive brain. Options are limited from here.

Keep finding ways to see the positive while aware of the reality. Dream big, be inspired and inspiring keep the passion alive.

7 Secrets of Being Comfortable in Social Settings

Tips for Improving Your Life

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, we enter it at least 4-6 times a day. From awake to sleep, sleep to awakening, daydreaming, any habit we've done a thousand times. Making coffee/tea, laundry, dishes...all give one a little different take on hypnosis.

Hypno means "sleep", but hypnosis could be more accurately described as "one-pointed focus". That state we enter working on a project and suddenly someone walks up behind you and you nearly jump two feet in the air. That kind of focus.

In this focused state we have access to 100% of the 5% of our mind, this degree of concentration, can one give amazing insights.

Some of the benefits of Hypnosis, is it helps release stress from the body, which helps lower blood pressure. You feel relaxed and refreshed upon waking.

When the body is relaxed, it tries to balance and neutralizes the body's system. The body is designed to be self healing. How cool is that.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis and permission. You must want the suggestions and trust the "hypnotist" to get the best benefits.

7 Secrets that can help in Social Settings:

1. Imagine yourself at the event and see a positive outcome, do this morning and evening.

2. Stand up straight.

3. Smile - think of something that make you feel good and relaxed your body will respond and those around you will relax as well.

4. Help out - we relax when we have a purpose to circulate.

5. Mingle - pick out one or two people and find something in common.

6. Deep breathing - more oxygen to your brain and organs again is perceived by others as being confident.

7. Be present and think of situations where things went right. Should you find yourself thinking I'm not good at this, it will get better. You are making a new habit and it takes time, so keep at it.

I remember when I first went to ToastMasters I was so nervous during my first speech I forgot two-thirds of it. By the seventh speech it was fun and I looked forward to the progress. Be brave, you are worth the effort and better at things than you give yourself credit.

There are many wonderful books on hypnosis. I learned hypnosis from Grand Master Charles Tebbetts. He was a wonderful instructor, funny kind, and had a incredible understanding of the human mind and what drives us to do things.

He had a stroke in his eighties and hypnotized himself and his wife also hypnotized him. He was back teaching class days later.

Charlie had people come into class with a variety of conditions to be treated. This first-hand experience gives you confidence to see what happens in a real live session. It was amazing to see how he helped people resolve conflicts and become more whole and integrated in front of our very eyes.

I felt blessed to have the opportunity to work with him and his wife.

Hypnosis, helps to resolve conflicts, update your belief system to a healthier one and give you more appropriate symbols that move you to a more enriching and contributing life.

I hope this helped dispel some of the myths of this great tool.

You can visit me at my website to learn more information> Darielle Archer

Or connect with me by the Guestbook below


The National Guild of Hypnotists>

Your Have The Power To Be Successful In Any Home Based Business

It Takes Work And Your Future Is Worth It

What we really think about ourselves is always being advertised consciously and unconsciously.

Have you ever worked hard to get a promotion and then you say or do something that makes you appear unqualified for the position?

If so, you could have a bad case of nerves or a conflict with your belief system. But the deeper habits of ... feeling like you don't deserve success continually sabotage you.

Are you one of those people that feel out of the jaws of victory you experience defeat? Ready for a change?

Louise Hay's books are great and she has about 30 of them. She has done a great job of showing many techniques of releasing anger, and feelings of not being good enough.

You Can Heal Your Life

Keeping You Moving Forward - Products to Help You Move Forward

Knowledge is power. Using books and machines to help you more forward faster and easier.

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