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Ways to Generate new Ideas with Innovation Management Software

Updated on September 6, 2014

People utilize varios methods to generate creative ideas for their business. To stay at the top of any business you need to be creative as well as productive. If you creative with is not cost-effective and commercially viable then you never be able to implement it in real life. This post aim to give you a short introuduction on how you can generate innovative ideas to make your business more competitive.First of all, you need to understand the basic of idea creation processes used by the software.Have a look the following fundamental concepts and think if you want to harness the computing power to be creative.

What is idea management software?

The main purpose of idea management software is to bring out, manage and govern the best innovative ideas for your business with the help of software. The benefits of using such software are that you can easily find the viable innovation with and manage them to increase the productivity of your business.

How idea management software work?

As you know that this is software is basically for generation ideas in order to introduce innovation to a certain sector of your business. For generating ideas you need to invite people to submit their ideas or to join you in a brain storming session. You can always control and monitor your idea generation campaign if you have proper control and can pay propter attention to every individual’s idea .To do that you need strong and comprehensive software which not only can manage and store the ideas but can analyze them according to the implementation viability to meet the main objectives of your campaigns. This type of software can also have a rating system where each participant can vote or rate every individual’s idea in terms of their overall merits to meet your business strategies. So, in simple words an innovation or idea management software allow a selective crowd to participate an idea generation campaign where the top ideas in terms of their viability get consideration to be included for the viability review by the executives of the board of a company.

Application of idea management software

There is no limit in the fields where you can use this software. Let it be product development, new product concepts, generating new marking strategy, supply chain facility development or anything else, you can always find a way to generate novel and innovative ideas for your purposes. In fact any sector or any type of industries can use this innovative software to enhance the productivity to any department of their business.

ways to generate ideas
ways to generate ideas | Source
idea management software
idea management software

Who should use this software?

From small to large scales business in any sector or fields can use this software to bring innovation in their business ranging from developing any strategic plan to developing new products.

Most important features of idea management software:

  • User feedback form: since the main users of this software are the audience who participate to give feedback on a particular idea, you need to make sure that you idea generation software has an easy-to-use feedback system where each user can easily give feedback without going through too many options. It is better the lesser options user needs to fill out before giving their feedback the better.
  • Campaign: an innovation manager need to prepare a campaign before it goes online. So, this software should have easy-to-manage campaign with features such as campaign brief, target audience, ratings, rewards, last date of entry etc.
  • Search box: a good looking search box with drop down menu might help users to be more participating to your idea generation campaign so as users can search or view all of your idea management campaign and can give feedback as their preferences.
  • Built-in template to run campaign: for instance you run a publishing business. The software must have some built-in facility to run idea generation campaign with a short notice. The template can be for supply chain, marketing, advertising, customer support etc.
  • Evaluation: everybody loves to vote if they can be given with a click. So, for each given option you can give the option of rating or voting that idea. Users will browse through the ideas and can vote or rate any idea according to their preference; they may even give feedback on others idea as well.
  • Rewards: a good feedback may transform your entire generation. So you must give your audience to give impetus to make thoughtful feedback by giving them rewards for their outstanding feedback. You can show a list of selected users for their valuable option in your website or print their name in your company’s annual report for their contribution.
  • Report generation: you can understand and evaluate the result of your innovation campaign by creating a comprehensive report on your campaign. That is why the idea management software must have strong visual and analytical features to give you a details report on the performance of the campaign such as how many people from which demographic background participated and what ideas got the maximum vote as per the feasibility of their implementation.
  • Apps integration: by considering the popularity of Face book and mobile phone, you can think about developing Face book and iPhone app to integrate it to your idea management software so as your audience can give you feedback while you are on the social networking sites

Remember that people always love to share their ideas. This is because all the human beings love to communication and to share things to bring about positive changes in our society. That is why your idea management software needs to have to capacity to make the participants feel as comfortable as possible when they will interact with it.


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