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How to Impress Your Boss Using Some Internet Marketing Tips

Updated on September 28, 2014

If you work at a company that has a web presence but is not very active on it or possibly not active in the proper ways then you can impress your boss with some easy internet marketing tips. The most common mistake I see from businesses online is that they do not have enough social buzz, their blogs are outdated and there is no one building out their communities on pages like HubPages, Squidoo and other large websites with masses of readers. If you are looking to make a difference at your company but do not know how, internet marketing can be a free way to boost business while pleasing a not so internet savvy boss.


Social Media Boost

Sure you have your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn created but how much is actually taking place there. With a little bit of ingenuity and some industry knowledge you can create a great buzz on social media that can also benefit your search engine marketing efforts. You may not have the largest following on these networks however you can easily grow it by simply doing more on them. By making a post on your company Facebook about changes to the industry or interesting facts about your company a person who reaches your Facebook page is more inclined to like it so that they may receive updates in the future. Same goes for Twitter and LinkedIn. Also by creating these posts you are notifying the search engine of activity on these pages, making them worth more to your company’s website in terms of SEO.

Once you do have followers interact with them by responding to comments and through special promotions or offers that they may only receive through liking your page. This way they will spread the word to others about your discounts found on Facebook. Utilize LinkedIn and Twitter to send people to your Facebook, creating a larger web with your social media.

Another tip for your social media is to like everything but not all at once. Spread it out and do not spam your followers. Like things from other industry pages that benefit your company, service or product. Part of social media is interacting with other businesses and authorities in your industry. Not only liking your blog posts and community posts, which you should do as well.

A Blog is Worth a Thousand Words

If your company is already active on their blog be sure they are spreading that information to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more importantly Diggs and Stumbleupon. These pages will not only help people find your information but they will also help with the search engines. Constantly growing your web in as many ways as possible will be a trend you see throughout this article however do not spam. If you think your posts or social media is a bit overbearing tone it down a notch, you can always add more but you cannot take away.

Your blog may be inactive as is the common occurrence I see on most company blogs. If possible start writing content for the blog and pass it along to your boss. They will be impressed with your drive but more importantly your ambition to grow the business online. By creating just one blog post every month anywhere from 200-800 words you will be able to build internal pages of the site, boosting it on the search engine. Also you can engage your customers, readers and most importantly the company’s social media which is probably also lacking. By submitting your blog posts to Digg and Stumbleupon you will be able to gain traffic and build authority as well. Remember to Like, Google Plus, Tweet and post your blog link on LinkedIn. This is the part about constantly building your web.

Community Pages like HubPages, Squidoo and Others

You may not realize it but HubPages, Squidoo and other community based web 2.0 sites are a great way of getting traffic as well as building authority with the search engine. By creating content that is solely for these web properties you can tap into their large source of readers as well as building backlinks to your website for keywords you would like to rank on. These communities pass a large amount of SEO juice to your website not only through visitors but through pagerank and other search engine mojo. Imagine an authoritative page about your industry linking back to your website, this would tell the search engines that your website is an authority as well. However it is not easy to receive links from pages in your industry so you can actually do it yourself by building them on HubPages, Squidoo and other websites. This way it is a high quality page with traffic sending a link over to your website.

These internet marketing tips are sure to impress your boss and help keep your business growing. If you find yourself looking for ways to not only improve yourself but improve your company then this is a great approach for beginners. Remember keeping is simple can go a long way and being consistent can greatly increase your authority on the web.


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  • Jon Potts profile imageAUTHOR

    Jon Potts 

    6 years ago from Irvine, CA

    Thanks for the comment Jessi. I just wanted to let people know they can make a big difference doing just a few little things.

  • jessicaseo profile image


    6 years ago from INDIA


    Very useful share I must say! Because of the algorithm updates by Google one after another it is costing a lot to webmasters or the previous woks too that they have done. Backlinks generation by directory listings, Free ad posting are now considered spamming but Google is also penalizing sites which have done it long back. Now traffic and quality is the only way to rank and rule web. You haven't shared any such type of backlink work rather your post contains only genuine explanation of effective use of social medias and top blog networks where one can engage him/herself effectively with the users/clients which is something even Google wants.

    Thanks for sharing!




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