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How To Find Dental Hygienist Jobs Near You

Updated on March 26, 2011

profitable and in demand career

If you enjoy working with people, have good communication skills and a cheerful compassionate nature, you may be an ideal candidate for a career as a Dental Hygienist. You will need to have a high degree of manual dexterity and be ready to work independently as well.

Dental Hygienists work both full and part time and may, if they choose, work in several different dental offices as well as hospitals, nursing homes, and private health clinics. Occasionally Hygienists may work weekends. .

As dental practices improve, and more people are maintaining their teeth longer, the demand for Dental Hygienists is growing. The job pays well and because Hygienists are independent employees and can have a flexible work schedule, it is a popular career choice.

Hygienists work in clean well-lit offices and take precautions to protect both their patients and themselves by using surgical masks, safety glasses and gloves.

Dental Hygienists have many duties. They perform complete examinations of patients mouths, checking for signs of decay of both the teeth and the gums. Hygienists also clean teeth, remove stains, and plaque, and apply Fluoride. They advise on proper tooth and mouth care. They may take x-rays and administer local anesthetics. They also keep dental records and report essential observations to the office Dentist. Although they most often work independently, they may work cooperatively alongside a Dentist.

If you wish to become a Dental Hygienist, you must first complete High School. There is would be wise to study chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. After High School, Hygienists take training at an accredited school of Dental Hygiene. You may need some College education before admission. Check your state requirements as these may vary.

To practice in a dental office, you must graduate with a minimum of a two year Associate Degree from an accredited educational facility. Bachelor's Degrees and Master's Degrees are also offered. Before you seek employment you will require a State license which involves both a written and a practical examination.

As with any position, it is wise to get the best education you can afford. The better trained you are, the more in demand your services will be.


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