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Top 9 easy and adaptable strategies that are considered for a job or internship

Updated on February 18, 2017

Job Search

This is the most happening on the internet. In fact, from the huge number of applications that are submitted online, only very few (less than 10 %) are being scrutinised and are being scheduled for the next process. Even then, it is a dilemma if the process of interview will go on or not. This probably would be wearisome and dispiriting for the applicants who have been expecting for an offer call from the company.

Moreover, the recruiters will prefer looking only for profiles of candidates who possess rich experience and would give very less time for the application posted by fresher candidates. The available vacancies that the employer needs to recruit for are very few compared to the number of applications being received. Fulfillment of recruitment of available vacancies leads to rejection of applications forwarded by fresher candidates and various other applications which are left unnoticed.

The same is likely to happen with the concept of Internship wherein you are particularly looking for a specific subject matter or even a famous company that you are willing to work with. In general, internships are likely to be paid with a small stipend for the internship period and with a gradual increase in the payout after the successful completion of internship. But to get into a full-time job is just hard as the competition for getting a good internship is not as easy as it appears to be.

Despite the situation, you can even overcome the obstacles and get a successful job or an internship with some tips with a smart lookout.

1. Develop your Linkedin profile

It has been a new trend for the employer for posting the jobs and about the internship programs on the social media rather than specified portals. So, it has become easy for the employer as well as the candidates for easy pursuit of their requirements. Linked-In is a mode of communication wherein a group of people of same field get interconnected and tend to share more information with each other and gather information even more than the required level.

In such a way, you can prepare yourself to face new challenges and showcase your talents by updating valuable information on your linked in profile for your profile to exhibit your strengths while it is being viewed by employers.

Your profile picture or your own photo in the display with the information about you will be summarized in nutshell. When the first impression is attractive, it would induce the employer to make a detailed study about the contents provided in your profile.

For example, instead of portraying your academic degree, it would be appealing to elucidate your core strength and your area of expertise. Certain changes like these not only increases your opportunities of your profile being viewed by employers but also provides bright opportunity for your profile being viewed even when the keywords for search are narrowed down.


2. Update your resume online

In spite of knowing the importance of a resume which is complete in all aspects, we do not pay required attention to important details provided therein. Common errors could be such as typographical, grammatical, punctuation and phrasing which results in failure of the resume to attract the employers to explore the contents of the resume.

Maximum number of recruiters would refrain from perusing your resume for the smallest of mistakes committed. Failure to notice the smallest of errors might lead to a misconception of the content and might lack professional etiquette at the outset. If you are not confident about preparation of the resume which precisely conveys all the required information, there is always an option to take assistance of a Professional writer who would help you prepare a professional resume.

You are required to provide information about yourself without concealing any material facts which helps keeping your qualities intact and would not portray any negative quality which might be obvious on provision of negative information. For example, if you have worked as an MIS for a legal department in a company and your resume portrays you as a document executive, it would be found out very easily with your talking skills on the subject.

Companies have cultures and traits of their own and we are required to adapt to the requirement. We need to ensure that when we apply for a vacancy in a company, we are required to explore the requirement of the Company and modify your resume accordingly so as to fit the requirement. A common resume for all companies would kick the bucket in many.

As a last idea, your need to keep your resume well-defined by providing only required information with bulleted points which portray your accomplishments which fits you inside the position being applied for. Many employers seek team players and therefore it is advisable to emphasize your indulgence in team sport activity to add an essence to the resume.


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3. Follow-up

In various occasions, the employer might not have viewed your resume due to various reasons over a period of time. Instead of giving up on the opportunity with a thought that your profile has been rejected, it becomes your responsibility to approach the employer through a casual E-mail to enquire about your application which might attract the employer towards your profile.

You need to ensure that the employer is not disturbed regularly which might express your desperation for the job. Therefore it becomes necessary, not to be expressive about your aggression in follow-up which might lead to a pestering feeling on the employer. If the employer has not responded over four to five E-mails, it is time to pursue new opportunities.

4. Follow instructions

Before posting for a job, ensure that we have read the instructions thoroughly.

Applicants fall easy prey to employers in certain simple aspects which are left unnoticed by applicant which is being followed as a preliminary strategic plan for employers to downsize the count of applications. The complacency of the applicant to completely read though the application might be conclusive proof for the employer to decide on the ability of the applicant and considerable numbers of applicants miss opportunities due to complacency in following simple instructions.

5. Be selective to apply for jobs

People tend to make the mistake of applying for any position they come across in the online portals since applying online is easy. People fail to understand that employers use automated online portal system which automatically rejects applications which are unsuitable for the position. This not only deprives you from an opportunity for an available position suitable for you but also affect future prospects in applying for the same company.

7. Have a proof of accomplishment at every stage – A Portfolio

Companies prefer to hire employees with practical knowledge of the subject and therefore would be interested on perusing a project activity that was done pertaining to the question involved.

This would portray your practical abilities and expose you in a fruitful manner to the employers. Therefore it becomes necessary to pay equal attention to your portfolio with your resume.

8. Take a breather

Applying for a job and getting noticed by the employer is not as easy when you get one in direct. Even though, when you get an opportunity to interact with the employer online make sure that your application speaks about you well. Only then the employer may move further for one to one discussion. So be clear in what is required and expected from the employer from you. Adding a cover letter and an email as a gentle follow up would add some extra value. You need to handle this with endurance and it will create a better impression.

9. Score your social presence

It is being a trend for the present generation to be more active in social media. No matter on what aspect, but people tend to print the presence everywhere. So it is become a tendency for the employers and recruiters to eve dig into your social profiles.

Here it is more important to portray yourself as a well mannered and imply a professional attitude when making a presence in social media. Remove the unwanted posts and the discussions and establish a strong personality.

Likely, these simple and adaptable strategies may be helpful in guiding you to surf for a job or an internship successfully.


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