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is wikaniko worth it

Updated on June 23, 2013

Is 'Wikaniko' worth it?

Wikaniko is a British MLM company specializing in eco-friendly products. It works much the same as Kleeneze & Betterware in that people can sign-up to become distributors &, by recruiting more 'distributors' or by selling product, climbing the tree of success.

I signed-up to see whether or not it was a viable business. They charge £3.50 p/month for the provided website + £79 p/year membership fee (although at the time of writing, this was deferred for 6 months). Interestingly, this £79 does not include any marketing materials as these need to be purchased separately from your 'shop'.

One of the downsides of selling via catalogs is that unlike the other 2 firms mentioned at the beginning of the Hub, Wikaniko requires you to pay for the goods at the point of ordering & then retrieving the cash at point of delivery to your customer. For this to work, they have 2 prices for each item in your 'shop'. One is the price your customer pays (regardless of whether or not they buy from a catalog or direct from your webshop) and the other, lower price, is what you pay if your customer orders via a catalog before you charge the full amount to your customer.

For orders purchased via your webshop, your commission is paid 30 days later.

Unless you have a huge amount of cash spare to pay for orders made via catalog drops, then this method is best avoided.

But are the products cheaper ?.

I have taken a range of products available from Wikaniko's catalog of 950+ products & have compared them against other vendors to see if I can get the products cheaper elsewhere.

The table below sets-out my findings.

Price comparrison

Wikaniko product
Price (£)
Cheaper supplier
Price (£)
California Scents - non-spill
Astonish Cream cleaner
Astonish Window Cleaner
Astonish Dishwasher Tablets
Beaming Baby bubble bath
Tumble dryer balls
Denelm Mill
Astonish Tar & Bug remover


With the exception of stuff that Wikaniko has on sale, the majority of cleaning products are cheaper elsewhere.

Where Wikaniko win-out on price is on some of the quirkier items such as Bamboo towels where they are cheaper than anyone else.

The choice is yours, but personally I won't be continuing to purchase or sell Wikaniko products where I can get the same cheaper elsewhere.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago


      I have very recently signed up t o Wikaniko and have placed my first order today.

      I notice your article is somewhat out of date, have you looked at the opportunity CURRENTLY?.

      You may find it has improved.

      You mention the price being dearer than high street shops.

      Have you managed to see all the products you mentioned in one shop,

      bear in mind the customer is not likely to just buy one item they most likely will buy two or thee, if they do and spend around £14, they can register to be an online customer and get a 15% their delivery free.

      This then narrows the price difference. plus, a person buying from the high street will not receive rewards for recommending the shop to family and friends. The way people now share evrything on social media means they could quit conceivably find they could gett all they require for FREE!

      On registration

      A person can register for free and accumulate orders /cv and climb the ranks over a months period building from gathered sales.

      They then can register as a business and save £500 - £1200 per year on TAX. that alone can buy all their likely to use from the product range.

      You may benefit your readers if you do an up-to-date survey of the company, not forgetting their Commercial Opportunity.

      Kind Regards

      The Wikaniko Man

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from UK

      Wikaniko does do all the products in one place & the 33% discount for distributors is actually good. However, when you add in the cost of delivery I could have taken orders from my Wikaniko catalog drop, ordered the stuff from suppliers with free P&P and made an even bigger profit.

    • profile image

      Graham Penson 

      5 years ago

      On the face of it what you say is true, BUT.....

      Do not forget that if you are a distributor you get approx 33% discount, so most products get to be cheaper.

      Secondly these are all available from 1 source, unlike the other list which has multiple suppliers. So buying from Wikaniko does make sense if you do it right - it also gives very easy access to a whole range of eco-friendly products you cannot single source anywhere else in the UK


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