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A good job per household.

Updated on August 16, 2015

Why do people insist on pay raises?

Don't they realize that all those raises just make things cost more and you are shortly back to the same spot. My solution is: Bring the lowest paid up to a livable wage, then start dropping prices. Then your money will go farther. I have heard back in the fifties the average workers getting only about a Dollar an hour had more in buying power, after paying bills, then they do today.

A Good Job Per household.

Jobs! jobs! jobs!. How to have a median income for any qualified citizen. There was in the works attempts at this. In 1976, Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter wouldn’t endorse bill. He felt it promised more than it could deliver. He eventually endorsed “the principals of Humphrey Hawkins',

I recall this would give every eligible household a parity income of $10,000. This was good money back then. I voted for Jimmy Carter just for that program. That was the first and last time I ever voted. I can't remember all the times I was told by employers that the job was reserved for a: wife, son, daughter etc. that was living with them and didn't really need a job.
My own experience at finding a good job was rather bleak. I was drafted in 1967 and missed out on a good on the job training program. By the time I got out out, in 1969, the on the job training programs that were around before were mostly gone.

My belief points

* No taxes for any household below the median income for the area they live.
* Working a forty hour week should have enough to live like the average family.
* Parity to bring incomes to this level per household if work is not available.
* Those that are handicapped should be exempt from some or all of the 40 hour requirements

Lame Practices

Hiring practices based on household income is a lot fairer than that lame affirmative action situation I had to endure! And Obama is in the proccess of bringing it back.

I live near Toledo, ohio. There was talk to lower the scores so that minorities could pass the enterance tests to be in the police and firemen training programs so as to meet the minority quotas. This not only lowers the quality of those we rely to keep as safe. It also blocks those that have worked hard to be in those professions.

Money Wasted

In my opinion the Gov. had plenty of money to help those without sufficient income if they would have divided up the trillions they gave to banks, unions, auto and other businesses and would have gave it to an average wage parity program to bring every family up to a decent income. This would have given the economy a huge boost.


Social Security is another area that has been robbed. All the money should by given back with interest. This would make a lot more jobs available because the retired may have enough to live on then.
It has been estimated that S.S. payments to retirees would be 60% higher if the money wasn't robbed.


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