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Solving Problems The Weird Way; Outside the Box Thinking

Updated on January 5, 2012

Universal truths.

The many truths in this universe.
The many truths in this universe. | Source

Universal truth?

Your truth may not be my truth particularly in very personal experiences; this is the reason why we, thinking humans share, listen and communicate to one another without necessarily judging and imposing, otherwise we will all just be living in complete chaos. Nobody is better than another in everything but in some particular personal aspects; never in every way. Each has something that the other has none or less in quality if we have to compare, but there is still something unique to every individual.

We may spend 1,000 years in this lifetime just studying, experimenting, exploring, researching, inventing, learning, developing and evolving, etc.; that is if we live that long and given everything equal and the same; but we would still just know one dot of what is here to be learned. Each of us can only specialize on something that catch our individual interest and curiosity.

Thus my topic of Solving My Problems In a Weird Manner. I have experiences that are really confusing especially when I compare them to the ones I studied in the academe. My major decisions are mostly, if not always, contrary to ordinary or standard procedures and process of solving problems and decision-making; the reason I do what I do, if I have to explain, is because I know that what I am doing is the only proven way that works for me. My past experiences of exploring and trial and error application are showing a pattern in every given area and phase of my life.

To make myself clear, let me site a situation: In my MBA class during my student days, the subject Organizational Behaviour had taught us one way of problem-solving in the following sequence:

1. Identify the problem

2. Brainstorm for some alternatives and label, alternative 1, alternative 2, and so forth or plan A, Plan B...

3. Once the alternatives are reached then we have to start analysing each for advantages and disadvantages or the cost-benefit analyses based on the data provided or gathered.

4. The alternative with higher benefit or advantages will be the basis for action;

5. Then, the strategy-creation follow;

6. And last, the implementaon;

7. And ends with evaluation, and the cycle begins again in a spiral manner.

Such procedure is perfect especially in school works and perhaps in a collective teamwork in the workplace; but it doesn't work for me in my personal level; what about my impulsive nature, what about my spontaneity, what about my temper, and so forth. I am aware that I can only be effectively and efficiently doing something if all y energy is focused on it. To succeed on any endeavour depends so much on the unique self-expression; what matters so much and is worth-dying for one person may mean nothing to another.

When my colleagues question me for my "weird" personal decisions, I even wonder why, I question myself too "Am I a mistake?"

The Way I Do

In the spirit of fun
In the spirit of fun

The Way I see

The Way I See
The Way I See

The Way I Live

On my peak.
On my peak. | Source

My Unique Way.

I know myself and I am very much aware of what please me or what trigger my "tornado-ic" tantrum to explode. Yes, I know that I should have more patience and tolerance but I know by experience that the more I suppress my emotions, the more damaging would be the explosion once it eventually go off-balance; it's an individuality thing and I am the only person who can do something about "me".

When I sense problems or problematic situations in my horizon, these are the things I do;

1. First, I examine the validity of the problem, or situation. Is it people around me that cause it? Is it something I had caused or "invited" unknowingly to happen? Or is it just something I dream of and so desire to happen and possess but impossible to manifest at a given moment?

2. I do some brainstorming by enumerating or sketching those things that irritate me and are unacceptable to my standard.

3. Then I allow myself to get angry, really angry, even cry or wail but I do this in the secrecy of my room or anywhere where nobody would be hurt; unless, in some if not many of the occasions, I lash at the person who caused the problem; (I don't recommend this for this boomerangs).

4. Once the emotion is out (of course I get tired too) then I naturally calm down; then I do meditation and introspections. In my meditation I visualize the situation clearly enough to see the root of the problem, the symptoms and the result if left to flourish;

5. Once I am clear with the problem, then I create a mental scenario of the solution. Once I see and being convinced of the possibility of the ideal scene that I visualize then I focus on it in great details in the spirit of fun.

6. Last but most important, I draw the desired result from my imagination. Make a scrapbook of it or make it into a collage.

7. When my work is done, I feel amazingly at peace with myself; I even congratulate myself for having my work done. The feeling of fulfilment for being in control of my destiny is overwhelming..

My peers say I am weird, this is how I do, see, and live my life ever since. I won't say it works for everybody but it does work for me.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      You can have a hit if you are serious about it.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      So you solve problems the weird way too? And wishing to be famous at the same time? Whichever, just be natural.

      Thanks for the comment anyway.

    • profile image

      software for live tv 5 years ago

      I think your weird way of solving things are weird and quite normal..... depending on whats going on in my life at the present time my weird way of handling things causes me to sing and sing my $#@% off at that. I'm surprised I haven hit a platinum record yet :)