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LED Signs

Updated on September 20, 2014

I was driving down the road the other day and I saw a billboard that was absolutely amazing. It was alive! It looked like a big TV screen. I was intrigued by it and my thoughts immediately drifted to the old days when you would drive down the highway and see a series of small signs on poles that gave you messages like. Great...Food...20 Miles...Ahead...Eat...At...Bubbas.

Signage technology has really advanced over the years. I did a quick Internet search and learned that the sign that I was looking at was an LED sign. LED Signs are made up of hundreds or maybe millions of LED (light emitting diode) lights.

Do you remember that old game from childhood. It came with a bunch of colored plastic pieces that you pushed into holes on a light board. You would make your design, turn on the light board, and marvel at your creativity.

LED signs work very similar to the way that old game worked on very simple non-programmable static signs.

An LED open sign can flash or scroll vs. a simple printed sign that is just static. They are much more appealing to the customers eyes. Outdoor LED signs can be hung as main business signs. They draw a lot more attention than those old fashioned signs with the letters that slide into slots. Indoor LED signs are often programmed with custom messages that are very useful to customers and time saving for employees.

More sophisticated dynamic signs are computer controlled. They can be programed to make hundreds of changes a second. As different colored lights flash on and off, they can reproduce moving images just like your television set.

Some advantages of LED signs are:

  • LED lights typically last from 25,000 to 100,000 hours.
  • LED lights are inexpensive to manufacture.
  • An LED sign can be manufactured in much more intricate designs than traditional neon, florescent, or incandescent lighted signs.
  • LED signs can be programed to change periodically or continuously.

I'm sure you've all seen an employee of a fast food diner changing their sign with a long pole that has a suction cup affixed to it's end. With led signs, that same sign can be changed with a hand held device that will transmit the desired changes when you point it at the sign and press a button. Other signs can be changed from a computer terminal.

Some LED signs are very basic and perform simple functions such as flashing "Vacancy" on a motel sign. Others require sophisticated computers to play mini TV like commercials on giant signs. Either way a lighted sign will draw the attention of potential customers much better than non lighted signs.

The next time you are watching your favorite NBA basketball game and glance up to see an instant replay on the Jumbo-tron, take a minute to marvel at the wonder of LED signs. The next time you are driving down the freeway and see a huge LED billboard, you'll know a little bit more about how they work.  The next time you see the lottery jackpot on an indoor LED sign, you'll appreciate them even more. 

LED Signs Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of using LED signs is that they are amazingly efficient.  Even LED signs with thousands of LED bulbs are energy efficient.  There's absolutely no comparison in the efficiency of LED signs compared to signs that use incandescent light bulbs.

If you run a business that has an old lighted sign that uses incandescent light bulbs, you should really consider upgrading to a new LED sign.  Not only will it look much better than your old sign but it will be much less draining on the pocket book when it comes time to pay the electric bill.  Large lighted signs that use incandescent light bulbs can use hundreds of dollars a month in electricity. 

Just the money you save on your power bill alone will pay for the the new LED sign in no time.  Another reason to upgrade to a modern LED sign is that you will be able to program the sign and change the message that your customers see as often as you like.

It's a proven fact that people become blind to signage that they see every day.  One of the nice things about these modern programmable LED signs is that you can change the message that your customers and potential customers see quite often. 

This will prevent them from driving past your place of business and not even looking at your sign.  If you have an old sing that has the plastic letters that you have to put up on the sign with a long pole that has a suction cup on it, you'll really appreciate how easy it can be to change the message on your sign with a programmable LED sign.

The fact that LED signs can be so colorful, is also a big selling point for them because it's also proven that colorful signs catch the eye of potential customers.  I know that there are certain businesses that we drive by quite frequently that have big colorful LED signs.  We find ourselves looking for the new message on these signs every time we drive by.

That's effective advertising!

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LED Sign Video

Here is a short demonstration of a programmable LED sign in action

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