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Let's tell that story

Updated on May 28, 2013

It's about discovering

I'm applying for the internship of Seth Godin and I'm absolutely thrilled and excited about it. This page is the reference in my application. Here I want to tell you a few stories about the way I think, what I've done and why I do things the way I'm doing them.

I want to tell you about my career. But not about fancy projects I've done, but what I learned on my way. The biggest lesson I learned while working for a company is that I don't want to work for a company.

In the same way I love to be inspired I want to inspire others. I want to spent my time with things I'm passionate about. I want to create something which makes people smile. I want to make great things happen.

I know that a single person can change everything, but I also know that it's much more fun when you do it together with a bunch of great people.

That's why I asked friends, family, colleagues, bosses and class mates for support.

So, everybody who arrives here who knows me, you can really support me with answering one (or all) of those questions. Share it through a comment under the "What do you think?" section.

- Why do you think I'm the right person for that internship or why do you think I'm not?

- Is there anything you learned from me? Is there anything you find especially remarkable?

Don't change

Everybody talks about change. Change is more important than ever, because everything around us is changing. It's up to each of us, if we still want to close our eyes and try to hold on to the status quo or if we respond to the change with changing ourselves or if we go even further and start a change.

For a long time a lot of people were still embracing the status quo and simply didn't want to see that everything around them is turning around and upside down. And that's pretty normal, because change is not only a way to discover something new and exciting, but also includes uncertainty about the outcome. Even Bill Gates first wasn't interested in the Internet. And the way you have to go can be uncomfortable.

I believe that more and more people have accepted by now that holding on to the well-known status quo is in fact more dangerous than welcoming something new and different. But as the safety lovers are convinced, we're already facing a new kind of people who might be just as dangerous for a healthy and successful change.

What happens now is that some managers start to change everything they're getting their hands on or at least where they have the controll over. It seems to me that they've read about the big need for people who initiate change, who embrace it and who start leading people into a new direction. There's no doubt, that we need and want you.

But if you think playing a big role in that changing-movement means that you can first run in one direction, then start thinking about the consequences, re-deciding and head off in another direction, you will loose us. You will loose us with every unexplained turn. If we can't see your vision, if we start doubting you've created the right map to show us the exit of the maze, you will loose us. You will loose us, if you just see the big picture, but forget to think about the right way to execute it.

Please, stop changing for changing's sake and start thinking about our shared interests.

We don't need somebody who runs off to change something else when we're facing the first obstacle, we need somebody who overcomes difficulties together with us. We don't need somebody who can just start the change, we need somebody who is willing to go the whole way.

Let's create a vision together and let's start a movement!

We are excited, but we need you to lead us.

Sometimes you have to jump before you fall

How I see the start of my career

Some people might consider my so far career as pretty good, maybe even great. I started as an intern and quickly got promoted twice. Some people who know me better might have thought, why is she not doing something more creative? My mother thought, who hired her for organizing projects?

What I think is that my first job helped me to see more clearly.

I learned how to work with a range of different people, including a gothic punk with a very own way of seeing life, some lovely geeks who gave me insights about the art of programming, CEO's who not always have to be right and truly inspiring team leaders who taught me that telling your opinion is what makes the difference regardless who is sitting around the table.

I found out that I can be way more organized than my mother would ever believe (she still doesn't). I learned that a solid foundation and taking your time to sit down and think before executing saves tons of time and stress.

It helped me to see that everybody is cooking with water.

And most important it helped me in experiencing what I don't want to do for the rest of my life.

That's why I quit my job before having a plan what exactly to do next. I closed the door without having another one opened waiting for me to simply go in. In fact, I was standing in a circle of closed doors, all waiting for me to be opened. But first and hardest I had to make the decision which one to choose.

Choosing has never been easy for me. But having many options available is a great occassion to sit down and start thinking.

I found out that I don't just want to work. I want to touch people emotionally, I want to inspire, I want to learn, I want to have fun, I want to fail and I want to get up and get better. I want to create great marketing concepts, tell stories people like to listen to and I want to make a difference.

I learned that knowing something doesn't make you happy without knowing the exact reason, is enough. Enough to take action, a deep breath and then jump. Take the risk, jump into the insecurity, but stop falling in your day-to-day life, where you're not satisfied.

Words that inspired me

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?
The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

While on my way to find out what I want to do instead of working in a company, I picked this up and it blew me away! It strengthend my conviction that it's right what I'm doing and that it will lead me to more happiness.

Now I'm on my way to show you (and me) my best self. I'm heading into a new safety zone. That's a little frightening, sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it feels amazing and I'm truly excited where it leads me to.

Why People Fail: The 16 Obstacles to Success and How You Can Overcome Them
Why People Fail: The 16 Obstacles to Success and How You Can Overcome Them

1. Imagine what you would do when you don't fear anything.

2. And now go for it.

That sounds scary. But think about it a second. Did you ever have two options on the table? One which sounds bold, but you already get excited just by thinking about it. And another one where you know exactly what you get.

For which one are you going?

And for which one are you going when you don't have fear?

If your answers are not consistent, then I recommend reading that book.

And already knowing that fear can change your path in a way that you might never arrive where you want to, is helping me every day (or every second. Sometimes it takes a day longer to overcome it.)


What public transport can tell us about change

A typcial Monday morning in the Berliner Underground. It's rush hour before work starts, the train is packed with people.

Some of them are already checking their first emails, shouting in their mobiles or reading the latest news to catch up. Most of them ignore their surroundings and prefer not to look into each others eyes. You see people who mostly have bored, tired or grumpy faces.

But all of a sudden the train starts to wiggle and people are stumbling, tumbling and stepping on each other's feet. And then the set changes and a tiny miracle happens.

One person starts to smile at another and very quickly this smile spreads all over the whole bunch of strangers. In some smiles you can see a glance of embarrasment, because they stepped on the big toe of somebody else. But nobody gets angry about this little mistake. The person with the first smile smoothed the way towards a positive direction and all the others followed this path.

Sometimes a wiggle is necessary to let people start interacting with each other, sometimes a wiggle is the reason why people thighten together and sometimes a wiggle can change a whole scenario.

And if there's a person, who welcomes this change, who starts to lead the people in a direction how to take the wiggle, if there is this person, who starts to smile then the whole scenario can change for the better.

So, why not be that person who shows how to welcome a wiggle with a big smile?

Is Chrissi a leader or a follower? - Vote for me!

Let me know what you think! I'm curious.

See results

Did you know that?

Some random facts about me

* I worked as an au pair in Sheffield, UK for 7 month. I took care of 2 lovely children & met their amazing mum Lisa

* I can finish a big Ben & Jerry's in one go

* I studied in Bali for 7 month. I learned that you don't have to worry so much when you have true friends

* I came to Berlin, because I thought it's too big for me and I fell in love (twice)

* My favorite colour is tourquise

* I had psychology in school and nearly studied it

* I sold donation contracts for a NGO (Save the Children) on the street

* I don't like semicolons

For better user satisfaction, here are the questions again:

- Why do you think I'm the right person for that internship or why do you think I'm not?

- Is there anything you learned from me? Is there anything you find especially remarkable?

What do you think? - I really want to hear it!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I know Christine about 11 years and that is great. We graduated from high school together. One year later, I was very happy, that she decided to go to the university of Göttingen, because I studied already there. We spent a lot of time together, talked about everything and she became one of my best friends.

      Christine is a wonderful person and she is very important for me. Regardless which kind of problem I have, she always has an idea how to solve it or what to do. She is very creative and quick, when she has to do something in last minute.

      If I need her, I know that I can rely on her in every kind of situation.

      Christine is something special! I don`t want to miss her and I`m very happy that she is part of my life.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I've met Chrissi in school and since then we became good friends. As a classmate I got to know her as very engaged, diligent and creative. She quickly grasps new things, is determined and a good communicator. I enjoy our conversations, especially if we don't share the same point of view. It's always fun to discuss with her our different approaches of seeing life. Even if we don't come to a shared opinion, it always broadens my horizon and gives food for thought.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Wow, so many comments already! But let me enrich the picture of Chrissi with some words from another perspective.

      Chrissi came to my team (we create and develop digital products and marketing campaigns) right after she finished her studies. When I first met her I had this feeling that Chrissi is someone very special with a huge potential and I wanted to discover. And I definitely had been proved right. She is not only very smart, passionate in everything she does and an amazingly positive person, she has this out-of-the-box-thinking and always wants to learn and improve herself. She was a huge enrichment for my team because of her personality, her skill set and her open and generous nature that helped and inspired the other team members - which can be seen very nicely by the comments from some of them below :-).

      I am still sad that she left my team and our company. A big loss that is hard to replace!

      So Seth â I´m really sure - you can´t find someone better for your team. I speak from my own experience!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Chrissi is definitely a raw diamond.

      Seth, I have faith in you to shape her the right way: brilliant-cut, pear-cut or baguette-cut - you decide!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      You have written from your heart and your experience and I wish you luck in getting this internship. I think you will be a great intern.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      When I began to write this recommendation I felt lost. How can I write objectively about somebody that since I met 1 year ago, has completely changed my life. A person who shortly after meeting, quickly began falling in love with. The person who after these wonderful 12 months I know I want to spend the rest of my life with.

      What can I say?

      Chrissi is the most complete person I´ve ever met in my 28 years of life. She oddly yet truly gathers all the qualities that you can expect from what you would define as an amazing human being. Everyday I wake up, I feel the luckiest person alive to have her in my life. Because to find somebody like Chrissi you´d have to look for one in a million, and then look again.

      But I ask myself reader, how can you truly consider my words objective? Are they not clearly coming from a favorable angle? Is my view so amplified by the fact that I´m smitten? And are so my words of no use to you Seth, who is looking for real value in remarkable individuals?

      Well, it seems there is an answer. There is a vantage point.

      Let me just speak about Chrissi, through how I see her when she is with other people. Let me describe Chrissi as I see her, reflected in other peoples eyes. So, what do I see?

      Firstly, I see here a whole group of people, both friends and colleagues, that have happily and pro-actively gathered here on this Squidoo page. That when asked to participate in this application with their opinion, have not hesitated to spend a good amount of time to sing her praises. To describe how knowing her, through many different paths of life, has added value and positivity in one of many ways.

      This in itself is a clear and unequivocal testament to who Chrissi is and how much people appreciate her.

      I also see old friends that have forged life-long friendships. Friends that remain close despite the long years gone and hundreds of kilometers afar. Friends that not only remain for the memories, like for most of us, but that are actively part of her present in a close and personal way. People who she is happy to parallel-walk life with. Sharing and connecting, guiding and being guided through. Knowing that a close, both-way lasting relationship brings a certain kind of joy that nothing else can ever provide. And those who share it, have a gift for life.

      I see work colleagues that are both happy and sad to see her go from her job. They are sad to see her go because they value her as an integral part of their bunch. Not only as an efficient work-colleague: both as a leader and a team-player or as a mentor and a pupil. They value her as a rare person they can truly rely on. And so, they are smiling as she leaves for they know she will find her place. And in doing so, she will positively impact others, as well as she has them.

      I see acquaintances who she shares big smiles and great conversations with. Even after only a short period of knowing her. These moments, that some could consider serendipitous, happen more often than not. And this outtake on life is not common. Understanding that an unexpected smile, a spare thank-you or a kind word has great impact, is certainly special. Born from the feeling that even though many of us are strangers, we´re closer and more connected than we could ever think. Chrissi lives by this, and I admire that.

      But striving forward with a positive attitude can sometimes be mistaken for weakness. With Chrissie, it couldn´t be further from the truth. Her bright outtake on life and her longing for balance, both inner and with other people, actually help her solve life challenges from a human perspective. She is strong, she is competitive and she is in this world to win. But never at the expense of other people's emotions.

      We all know that acquiring a well calibrated internal compass in today´s world is not easy, still harder to maintain through life. And that is why so many people (including me) look for advice in her. She´s honest, she is helpful and no matter what, she will strive towards doing the right thing. More surprisingly, she will make you feel good along the way there. And that´s remarkable.

      I can truly say my life has changed since I met Chrissi almost 1 year ago. So many people I´ve met; some many things I´ve learnt; so many new things experienced. But out of making a list that would bore us all, there is one thing that stands behind these emotions. And that´s is a longing for more. For much, much more.

      So Seth, do I think that you Chriss is the right person for this internship? Well, I think there answer is pretty clear by now. But don´t take it from me, take it from all the wonderful things that people say about Chrissi. If you choose to make her dream come true and give her this internship, I can guarantee that next time, it will be you writing such amazing things about her, just like everybody else.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I think Chrissi is the right person for the internship because she's one of the most special and loyal persons Iâve ever met.

      We have worked together in a bar and have had lots of wonderful closing times. We became friends since than and now sheâs one of my best friends.

      Every time I have a problem, I can be sure Chrissi will be present and will have a good advance or a hug for me.

      I know her as a very hard working person, who not takes the easy option or lets other people work for her. At the same time she will not stop when she hits a snag.

      Chrissi has the ability to convince people and motivate them for projects. And this without restricting others or in a know-all manner. On the other hand Chrissi is very self-reflected and can also own up to her own wrongdoing. For me an important basis to work successfully in a team!

      Iâm very glad to know her!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Chriss-Man, it's been nearly 3 years were I've been working together with you quite intensively and I always appreciated our conversations. You are one of the few people who understands it very well to organize and explain scattered thoughts and concepts and open them up to a wide audience. This, completed by your very creative mind, has led to great results! I will miss this kind of working together as well as your open and arousing personality. I wish you all the best for your latest project in New York and I hope we stay in touch. If somebody gets that place, then no doubt it's you!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I got to know Chrissi trough friends. She´s a though girl and I enjoyed a lot our brainstorming afternoons with Soja-Latte. She did a great job with helping us to define our business concept for the blog project.

      Thank you for everything and I wish you well for the future!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Christine is the right candidate for you if you are looking for hands-on mentality, passion for new challenges, courage to walk 'off the beaten track' and a truely reliable part of your team.

      Working with her will always remind you that life is just so much more fun when you greet it with a smile every day.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I think she is the right person because she dares to try it and is real about it. Good luck, Chrissi!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I am happy to share my views on why I think that Chris is the perfect candidate for the internship. What I value about her the most is that she never even thinks about prescribing you what is right or wrong. If there is somebody on this planet who believes in intellectual freedom it is probably her! You may how I arrive to this conclusion? Let me tell you: I am sure that Chris and I have lots of different perspectives on life. However, I never felt looked upon strangely. Itâs the opposite; Chris has proven to be a reliable companion who has always been keen to support me in my pursuing my aspirations, regardless of her very own opinion. Just imagine how much she would contribute to a mind-stimulating atmosphere at your organisation where views are not only shared but where new ideas come up rapidly due to freedom of mind. If you want somebody who thinks freely and simultaneously creates opportunities for others to broaden their horizon, Chris is the ideal candidate! I believe that she got what it takes to elevate your game to the next level. Itâs her aptitude and perseverance to pursue her dreams that will undoubtedly make her an asset to your organisation. I wholeheartedly commend Chris for internship at your organisation.

      On a professional level, I find particularly remarkable that she combines high performance & pure commitment with fun, thereby achieving outstanding results. Further, she has proven a good advisor when it came down to support me dealing with tough decisions, such as deciding what path in career I should take. Her ability to ask the right questions really stimulates your thinking, encouraging critical reflection, while her listening skills create empathy and rapport. I guess it is because of these skills that she gets along with a wide range of different people, reflecting the idea of corporate diversity.

      On the personal level, I can also refer to lessons learned â I will make that quick: âSpreading some loveâ is a much better formula to life than being stuck in your tiny day-to-day difficulties â people will give you something back. âThe value of social ties outweighs the value of money!â. And finally the reason why Chris will excel in her role as intern at your organisation: âDo whatever makes you happy in life!â.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      TINE (Christine) is a very powerful woman. She is a real team player. She motivates a team by 100% work together. She accepted people, and she is interested in people as they are. Tine is honest, stands for clarity that leads to success.

      I know her since 10 years. We worked together in a pub during high school. Even if I do not see her long time, we are connected and inspire each other. I'm always happy to see her;-)

      I LOVE talking to her!!! She´s a good woman!!!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I know Chris since my first year at university as we figured out that studying together for mathematics is much more fun â if that can be fun at all ;) â than studying alone. Some time later we moved together and she became my roommate for about two years. Because of that, I know Chris in a professional context as well as in a private context.

      But why do I think that she is the right person for that internship?

      First of all I donât think she is just the right person for that internship, I think she is the perfect person for that internship because I have never seen someone who is that dedicated and enthusiastically about Marketing and about the work she does than her. When she works, it is not just a job for her or a way to earn money; itâs a passion a possibility to do something great and inspiring. Itâs been a while since she told me the first time about Seth Godin and I remember how thrilled she was and how much he inspired her. I am absolutely convinced that she is the right person for that internship because she is a very ambitious and skilled person, who is full of (positive) energy and an enrichment for every team. I know her as a person who is capable of not only finishing one task very well; she also always takes the extra step, which is required to be finishing something with excellence.

      What I think is especially remarkable about Chris is her emotional intelligence. In Germany we say âtalk is silver silence is goldenâ and being one of the best listeners I know so far definitively fits for her. She can listen very carefully and is always capable to put herself in other peopleâs shoes. She is not only a good listener, she is also very good in providing feedback and developing solutions. Because of that she has become one of the most important advisors to me.

      During the time we lived together we definitively learned from each other. I learned from her to take things more easily and to accept people as they are.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      ...I learned from you that there are more people then me, who still believe that every day should be special.

      Congratz on your brave decicion to close the door before another one opened. Follow your dreams and dont listen to fears, that's what make you special.

      Hope to see you soon!

      @any HR-manager reading that: I don't believe I have to tell you but anyway, don't miss the chance to pick this sweetest fruit ;)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Due to the fact that I know Chris for 16 years now, I am without a doubt the right person to confirm that she is the optimal candidate for this internship :-)

      Its not only her positive energy, her smile or the fact that she has her heart in the right place, but also that she thinks out of the box in a very inspiring way which makes it a pleasure to work with her.

      In stressful situations she knows how to keep calm and she never looses sight of the objectives. Whats really remarkable about Chris is how highly structured she has become. (15 years ago I would never have guessed this would be the case :-).

      Chris is a great asset to any team. We want to start our own business some day... I'm looking forward to it!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      We got to know each other 3 years ago, while both of us did our semester abroad in Indonesia. During our stay she has always made me happy when she was around, she has always been positive about things and has helped classmates and people we've meet wherever she could. Even during bad or difficult times she has been full of positive energy and cheered people up who were in need. The way she handles situations, for example when we had to do projects at the university, shows her ambitious and open-minded character and that she definetely is a teamplayer This is why i think she's the right person for every internship!! Furthermore i've learned from her that surrender is never an option, because there's always an alternative way to do things.

    • Leolala profile image

      Leolala 4 years ago

      WOW!! Wow, to all of you and all your words! My emotional stage this day went from pretty nervous, because I had to finish the video part of the application, to absolutely excited about being recorded!

      All of your words gave me so much power. I'll go out now and help my dad cutting down some trees!


    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Chrissi herself is an amazing character. She made me love her within two hours talking to her what lasted for 6 years so far and I am sure will forever. She attracts people's awareness through smart hilarious comments without being assertive but interested. She is giving a focused well-thought input to all kind of topics with a scent of easyness and rationality (everybody envies her a bit for that) . She would be the right person for that internship if you want a determined, hard-working young woman who sometimes gives herself a break to think over the process and therefore comes up with an creative well placed idea. She would be the wrong person for that internship if you like to work in concrete patterns with specific role discriptions and being closed up for ideas coming up from nowhere but somehow sound feasible. As crazy as some ideas may appear, the good thing about Chrissi is, that she is able to make things happen and is very realistic whether ideas can be executed or not. Elsewise there will definitely be an alternative way.

      Chrissi taught me to look at things and events happened and happening in my life more relaxed. I learned how easy it can be to deal with issues with a sober clear mind to find the fasted possible solution or even better: figuring out there has never even been an issue. Thank you for that. Without you I would only be half productive as I am right now. (And even before I was already awesome ;))

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      As an ex class-mate, I would describe you as follows: definitely crazy (in a very positive way), highly structured, open-minded, creative, ambitious, funny, hard-working and always willing to help (it was my luck very often :)). Keep on smiling like you always do!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Chrissi has been my roommate since two years now. It feels like i've known her way much longer though. I can sincerely say that in this time, she has become one of my closest friends.

      Why do i think that she is the right person for this internship? Not only is she an awesome communicator and passionate about the things she does, she also has the ability of thinking very solution oriented. Whenever she adopts a cause or pursues a new interest, she is guaranteed to be highly committed.

      I see her as an creative thinker, who believes that everybody has the ability to create great things as long as they do it with passion and without fear trying.

      I admire her ambition and for the things she has accomplished so far. You easily get caught by her amazing energy and her warm and friendly character. I think everybody needs a Chrissi in his/her life!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      If there is one thing I learned from Chrissi, it´s to keep focused. Even during stressful times and chaos she never loses the goal out of her sight, always keeps up marching towards it. With a smile on her face. There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem for her. Her positive way of thinking often inspired me to change my way of thinking about problems.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Why is she the right person for this internship:

      Chrissi has the largest, conquering smile I know! I have never seen her frustrated or helpless, i guess she knows that this sparkle she's got makes everything possible!

      And why isn't she?

      Because Berlin will miss her Good Morning Subway smile!

      What did she teach me?

      That's easy: be brave and follow your dream! Be nice to everyone, no matter how annoying they are, because it makes life easier and less stressful and still helps you achieve your goals with that large smile.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I remember working with Christine was always very psoitive. Christine is relatively stress resistant and even in the thickest mist she is not losing control. I miss her ideas and inputs for my projects. Espacially her way of looking at things from a differnt angle. A plus in every company.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I remember you as a warmhearted and at the same time very ambitious person! The intership seems perfect for you! Good luck for the future!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      The funny thing is, I know all the random facts about you. However I see you only four (or maybe five times) a year. Two of this occassions are traditional: Christmas and a city festival called "Altstadtfest" in our home area. The other meetings (or better "hilarious" come together events) everytime happen under peculiar, suprising, but above all fantastic conditions. Just remember our time in London, when I was working there in advertising and your where working as "Mary Poppins". Or Bali riding the waves, tasting spicy food and taking pictures near to the Geyser. Not forget Berlin (your new hometown). Or Hamburg (my new hometown). Or East Frisia (the area we both had our teenager time) - Next to sheeps, dikes and the North Sea (indirectly directly heading over to New York). So this bunch of dates, knowledge and faith in you, lets me come to the conclusion (I love conclusions as a strateggy consultant girl): You are the right person for that internship! Openminded, intelligent, creative, active, with a smile that everyone infects, and I could line up many many more adjectives (of which I can proof every!!) But the main reason is: I meet you everywhere around the world - and i've never been to New York - so I need a reason travelling to New York. ;)

      Being friends now for 15 years I've absolutly learned things from you - despite you are the younger one - starting from simple things like opening a beer with a lighter, including things like how to deal with boys, heading to behaviour lessons "do what you want to do, and fight for it".

      And that are the things which make you really remarkable as a person. As an employee. (For sure as an intern). As my friend. The whole package of Christine! Go for it!!!

      (Seth Godin - She is definitively the RIGHT one!)