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Make Money Mystery Shopping

Updated on August 20, 2015

Learn to Make Money Mystery Shopping

Competition is fierce in the business world and many companies are turning to mystery shoppers to help improve the customers' perception of their product or service. Mystery shoppers pose as regular customers and pay attention to the details of the interaction. These details are transmitted to the company's headquarters where they are used to improve customer service, train employees and audit compliance.

What is Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is posing as a customer or client in order to evaluate a business's customer service, appearance and value. Businesses that use mystery shoppers include amusement parks, automobile dealerships, banks, beauty salons, bowling alleys, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, furniture stores, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, resorts, spas and many other establishments. While some of these only offer a free meal, others offer shopper fees of up to $300 per assignment.

Apply at some of my favorite Mystery Shopping Companies and start working tomorrow!

These are legitimate MSCs that I have worked for over the past 15 years.

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