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Make Money Writing With These 4 Service Add-Ons

Updated on February 7, 2012
Make Money Writing with Add-On Services
Make Money Writing with Add-On Services

As freelance web content writers, we find ourselves reaching out to new clients to continue to make money writing. Especially if you are just starting out, or transitioning away from content mills, it is necessary to hustle a bit to keep an income flow. Primarily you look for more freelance writing jobs through ad boards and referrals from existing clients. However, there is also a source to make money writing from existing clients who don't have available work at the moment. These are four add-on services that you can offer to still keep income coming in until they are ready for content.

Updating Their Social Accounts

Part of your clients SEO strategy is to keep their brand in front of people. The primary platforms for their social engagement are usually Twitter and Facebook. While they might know how important it is to stay updated, often business and other tasks take precedent and the social marketing is sporadic at best. Offer your talents to Tweet and interact on Facebook on their behalf. You could charge a nominal fee to provide a certain number of Tweets and Facebook posts per day or per week. This will also help motivate you to keep up with your own social branding.

Commenting on Relevant Forums

One backlinking strategy is to make useful comments on industry-related forums. Your client may or may not do this on a regular basis. Educate them a little bit on the importance of backlinking on forums, and offer to provide the service for them. This is a quick way to make money writing directly for your clients. Before offering the service, seek out some authority forum boards in their niche. Make sure the forums are active and that you can put a link in the forum signature. Once you have that information, contact your client and offer to set up accounts for them and post useful, informative forum comments. This helps solidify your client as an authority in their niche, and also gets them some good backlinks in the process to increase their SEO.

Commenting on Relevant Blogs

This is pretty much the same technique as posting forum comments. Once again, seek out some high PR blogs in a related niche to the client. Once you have between 5 and 10 good blogs with lots of engagement scoped out, go to your client with the information and the offer. Just as with forum posting, blog commenting will extend the client's audience and also provide some really good backlinks for SEO purposes.

Guest-Posting on Blogs

Finally, the single best service to make money writing for existing clients who don't have direct work available is to offer to guest post on high PR blogs on their behalf. Guest posting on high-ranking relevant blogs is proven to be a boost to blog and site rankings, especially on popular blogs that are read by thousands each day. Do your homework and seek out blogs that will benefit your client. Write up a short bio for your client with some anchor text that points back to their money page. Present your client with the bio as well as the blogs you are seeking out to post. It is a good idea to have a rough draft or idea to bounce around as far as the topic of the guest post with your client. Often your clients will give you the go ahead along with any reasonable rate you charge for the service.

Just because your existing client doesn't have any direct work for you at the moment, doesn't mean you should wait until they do. Get creative with your writing and the services you offer. After all, there is more than one way to make money writing.


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    • agreenworld profile image

      Dawn A. Harden 5 years ago from CT-USA

      Great branding is key to your success! Good job!

    • kenwrites profile image

      Ken Crawford 5 years ago from Yreka, California

      Hi Joshua,

      Thanks. Once I get some time to spend on HubPages this week, I have a comment for your Credit Card rate Hub. That is a great hub.

    • kenwrites profile image

      Ken Crawford 5 years ago from Yreka, California

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the votes and the follow. Much appreciated. :)

    • carolyn a. ridge profile image

      carolyn a. ridge 5 years ago

      This is a great hub! If offers relevant information and is written in a user-friendly manner. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. (I voted and followed.)

    • abhijeet4800 profile image

      Abhijeet Ganguly 5 years ago from Pune, India

      I feel starting as freelancer is good yet a difficult option. You need a good network to come across a project.I do a bit of freelancing however my primary source of income is something else. Great HUb!!!

    • kenwrites profile image

      Ken Crawford 5 years ago from Yreka, California

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you. :)

      It really does help both parties out in the long run. The client gets the value of improved SEO for their business and more visibility as well as writers getting more projects. It also helps to cement the relationship between writer and client.

    • Angela Kane profile image

      Angela Kane 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I am very familiar with work at home jobs and freelance writing. I think your suggestion about social media and forum and blog postings are good ideas that can help freelance writers stay employed a lot longer. Very good hub.