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Updated on March 29, 2016


Creating a website and doing its promotion is not an easy task. To take your business online, you need an eye-catching website. To make your website top on the search engine then it becomes essential that your website should contain accurate information and have some creativity in it. Here I am going to tell about how to make your website more appealing and unique. Before making it to online make sure these step which I am going to tell you should be followed.

Unique content

Unique content, what I mean to say here is that whenever you write content for your website, it should be fresh like morning air. Search engines have different tools to search a website with different keywords. So always keep in your mind that your content must be keyword specific. Apart from keywords, is should have enough information about the product or business, Customer reviews, product manuals etc. This will help to get more visitors that will convert into buyers and get good revenue. Make sure that each page or product of your website should have enough and fresh content. One most important thing is to update your website content timely. This will help you to get better rankings of a website.

Appropriate Images

A website without images is like a garden without trees or flowers. You can't ignore the importance of images as it constitutes an important role in website making. Images help to build interest of visitors. They put a long lasting impression on visitor's mind if they are placed with proper phrases and words. Make sure that images and content you use in your website should convey the same information. By adding appropriate and high-quality images will engage visitors to search more and more.

Domain, Page titles

If you are looking for a domain name for your website, make sure that when you are registering a domain name then it should be simple, short and easy to pronounce.

Page title

It is important for you to have focus on web page title because it is used by most search engines while displaying website. Include unique and specific keyword on the page. Always use the most important keywords in your title with 10 to 12 words. When planning your website, check that visitors will notice what they're probing for at intervals a number of clicks. Making a listing of sub-pages or classes, adding a search engine, or creating a website map will all facilitate your visitor’s.

Social network

Build your social network and do promotion of your website through them. Participate in on-line forums, newsletters, or different community driven sites that relate to your websites topic whereas holding others comprehend your website through a signature or a link. However, don't visit solely to market, give constructive feedback and suggestions.

Web Navigation

People will surely leave that website if it takes too much time to load. Do not stress visitors by making a complex website. By making your website more speedy and catchy will help to engage more visitors. Ensure that while making websites less coding system should be used. Getting traffic on the website depends on its loading speed. The shorter the loading time the more visitors stay.

Timely Update

Finally, update your website. This is another great way to make your website more attractive. Timely updating your website ensure your visitors that you will be covering all current topics.


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    • profile image

      G-ahuja 18 months ago

      very good

    • profile image

      Sukhwinder Mehmi 18 months ago

      WOWWW !!!! these are really very nice tips ..i appreciate your work.. (y)

    • profile image

      nitika bhatia 18 months ago

      gud inforamtion...........

    • profile image

      shilpa 18 months ago

      nice guidelines