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How To Make Your First Youtube Video

Updated on July 20, 2016
This is an example of a unique and catchy name of a very famous youtuber.
This is an example of a unique and catchy name of a very famous youtuber. | Source

Getting Started

The first step you must take when making your YouTube channel is to pick a name for your channel. Though it may not seem like it this is a very important step to get your channel going, it happens to be crucial for a successful channel. Your name on youtube is what allows viewers to know what your channel is all about. It lets them know about a personality trait of your, and it individualizes you from the rest of the youtube community. Using a common name for your youtube channel is not a good idea because you are likely to be drowned out by the rest of the users with that same name. You need to find a name that is short, easy to pronounce and catchy. Try stepping away from your computer to let your mind's creativity flow. You can use a nickname you had when you were young, use a trait that describes your personality in the name (ex. Optimistic Opinionator) , use a word that describes the content in your channel (ex. Jessica Games), and so on. Using figurative language is also something useful when naming your YouTube channel. Alliteration, short metaphors, rhymes and irony in your name are great linguistic tools to use in order to attract viewers. Just remember your name is meant to tell viewers something about you or reflect your creativity and imagination.

Making Your First Video

There are many different things you should do or consider doing when making your first Youtube video here I will list the 5 most important ones:

  1. Be Original - When making your first youtube video it is crucial that you are being original. You need to offer Youtube something new. If you are starting a gaming channel you need to add your own thing, something different and attractive to viewers. It could be a funny way of presenting yourself, shouting at the screen when playing games, funny and short skits, etc. Otherwise what is stopping the viewer from watching Pewdiepie over you?
  2. Be Yourself - You need to show that you are having fun and being yourself, if you are forcing anything in your video or trying too hard it tends to make the video cringy. Being relaxed and showing confidence will attract more viewers and improve your channel.
  3. Live Up To Your Name - Make sure the content on your channel matches your name. If you name is GamingwithBri, but the content on your channel is mostly vlogs this will mislead people that visit your channel. Make sure its obvious to people as to what kind of content can be found on your channel (informational, makeup/beauty, pranks, comical skits, cooking, gaming, vlogging, etc.)
  4. Provide Quality Content - You do not need to buy expensive web cams, microphones or video editing softwares. However, you should try your best to have good lighting in your videos, maybe clean around the area you will be filming at, and make your video attractive by adding a picture thumbnail.
  5. Have Fun - Enjoy yourself when making your videos! Making YouTube videos is not all about the views or becoming rich or famous. Making videos is about enjoying yourself by doing something you love. If you expect to become rich or famous on Youtube then it probably isn't the place for you.

I hope this article helped you figure out how to start your channel

Deciding What Your Channel Is About

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