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Micro Niche Site vs. Niche Site: Battle of Profitability

Updated on May 26, 2017


Welcome to the world of choices. Where you get to choose your own option whether you want a niche site or so called a authority site or do you want a micro niche site. But you have to choose wisely according to your financial structure and how much you can afford to lose. Because in every business their is a risk and in this there is a risk too. So let's get started.

What is a Niche Site?

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A niche site is a wide and huge market. Didn't understand? Don't worry. I will give you an example . Suppose you sell Golf equipment. As we know their is a lot of things involved in it like golf balls, golf clubs, rangefinders etc. So as we can see it's a pretty big market. So golf equipment is a niche.

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What Is A Micro Niche Site?

Well a micro niche site is a slice of the big market. I will show you an example. I will give you the same example as above, so that you don't get mixed up. Suppose you sell Golf equipment on your site. So your site is called a niche site because it has a huge market. But suppose another friend of yours also sells golf equipment on his site but he only sells golf balls. Then your friend's site is a micro niche site. It's because he is working with only a slice or the big golf equipment market. So i hope you understood what a micro niche site is. So let's go to the merits and demerits of a niche and a micro niche site.

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Merits Of Niche Sites

Niche sites are a great way to earn. It provides you with a lot of ways to earn. Let's see some benefits :

# Probably the biggest source of passive and daily income.

# Many ways to earn and many options available.

# You can get a 6 figure income if you work hard enough

# After doing some hard work and establishing your business, you can let your business go on autopilot.

# After establishing you will only need to do some keyword research and marketing. Nothing else.

Demerits Of Niche Sites

As there are many merits as we can see above. There are some demerits too. These demerits are pretty dangerous if your income is not stable. Let's see the demerits :

# Niche sites need a huge amount of money as startup.

# It also requires a huge amount of money per month on advertising and marketing.

# If you can't understand your audience your whole money will go to waste. You will lose every single penny and the outcome will be nothing more than zero.

# You may loss a lot of money in advertising if you don't use the correct format.

There are more demerits but these are the main ones. So I would recommend beginners and intermediates not to go into the niche site market. If you have tons and tons of money thrn you could give it a shot.

Merits And Demerits Of Micro Niche Sites.

Well you might be wondering why did I write merits and demerits in the same headline. Is it a mistake or is it that I am too lazy? Well it's not the reason your thinking. Micro Niche Sites don't have that much risks. Micro niche sites can easily rank in search engines where niche sited take a long time because of the competition they face. But micro niche sites are highly targeted, so they get a targeted audience. You can easily harvest some gold within this audience with ads and with affiliate programs. But if you want to grow more you will have to invest some money. But micro niche sites usually need time as an investment. You can except to earn 50$ to 500$ according to your blog size, audience size and also your blog traffic. But you will need to do some good keyword research to get a rank in Google's search engine.

My Reccomendation

I think that if your income is over 100k a month, then it's safe to go into the niche site business. Because you can afford to lose some money and it won't effect your daily lifestyle or your family's lifestyle. But if you don't have an income over a 100k, I would say please stay away from this niche site business. It could be interesting but it's full with risks and dangers so please stay out of it.

But in the other hand you can build a micro niche site. Which will cost you like 15$ per year without advertising and marketing costs. Advertising and marketing is fully up to you. If you want to grow more and grow fast then I would suggest advertising and some marketing. But don't advertise from the start. First get some content on your site, so that people will start to know about your site and what your site is about. Use analytics and stats to know your audience better.

On The Next Hub.....

Today we learned about niche and micro niche sites. This article has everything you need to know about niche and micro niche sites. In the next hub, we will start to learn how we can make some good money from micro niche site. I will show you a step by step process on how you can make money from a micro niche blog. Be ready! Earning days are coming soon.


Well some people want the direct formula of making money online but sadly no formula exists like that. The companies which tell you they will give you a formula so that you can make money instantly are scams. They just want to play around and scam with people's money and then grow their business and they are reported till then it's too late because they already took the cash and ran away. So stay clesr of money making formulas if you don't want to lose your money. I will help you as much as I can with my knowledge. See you in thr next hub!


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