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Make Money and Save Money

Updated on October 22, 2017

Cash in online

Whether you are looking to stay at home and earn or for some part time supplementary wages from your computer, one of these opportunities may be the goose that lays the golden egg for you.

Just ten years ago people would have laughed at the idea of making millions on the web, now anybody with a computer can earn a few pounds or dollars with an internet connection. Leave the rat race, abandon 9-5 and get in on the number one money making machine ever.

You don't need a computer. There are many opportunities to make money in your spare time using your skills an experience to provide goods or services. Cottage industries are not a thing of the past, there are thousands of thriving businesses run from the spare bedroom or kitchen table. For example, if you are looking to make some notes selling your unwanted items, try Facebook Market Place where you can empty your spare room, free of charge. If you have any old books, games and DVDS, check the value on Zapper or Amazon. If you can cook, what about mobile catering?

Publishing has numerous online outlets, I am new to Hub Pages but I previously had success on Squidoo and did very well on Bubblews.

Bullion Vault will give you a free gram of gold to trade on the international gold bullion market. All you need to do is register an e-mail address. Its great fun anyway and will cost you nothing. If precious metals is your game, maybe you have got so gold jewelry to sell?

If you are interested in saving money on your everyday spending you will also enjoy our top ten money saving websites in the UK. These sites will boost your income by helping you save money on your day to day spending. The money saving section covers hotel accommodation, everyday spending and cash back websites.

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1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Window

This is very easy to join and has programs operating in the USA, UK, Ireland and Canada. You pay £5.00 to register (UK) which is credited to your affiliate account. Once you are a member you can join different programs that you believe you are actually able to market. Some programs will allow you to join straight away, others will require you to tick a few boxes about how you intend to market the program. Other retailers, particularly well known names will not allow you to join the program until they have checked your website or blog and may not allow you onto the program if it does not compliment their brand image.

You should also consider using the Amazon Associate programme which is very easy to set up and easy to use. You can easily place links directly into your web page, blog or article and earn a commission on each sale. There is an intergrated taskbar that is visible whenever you login and you simply click the "link to this page" icon to create the HTML code that you can copy and paste into your site.

Make money from on line surveys
Make money from on line surveys

2. Cash Crate

Cashback and online surveys

Make money doing on line surveys and clicking on links with Cash Crate This site has members from all over the world and seem to be one of the better organised. It also has a cash back feature if you are shopping on-line. Before you set up your Cash Crate account it is worthwhile setting up a "spare" e-mail account which you can dedicate to your survey activity. This will reduce the amount of spam received to your regular e-mail account. Other on line survey sites that you can use are Global Test Site which is a US site which also sends out cheque payments in pound sterling.

Think of a name
Think of a name

3. Picky Domains

Got any bright ideas

If you are good at slogans or coming up with names then you could become a contributor on PickyDomains. Registration is free and easy. You get 40-60% of the order value. You will need to work hard at this and you will need to have a natural flair for coming up with catchy slogans. Read the FAQ section of the website before you commit too much time to this.

4. Elance

Compete for work online

Set up a profile on Elance where you can compete for assignments in different kinds of work, including sales and marketing, law, admin support and writing and translation. Over on Five Squids you can earn £5, £10, up to £50 undertaking one of the tasks advertised on the site. I have not looked at this one in detail but you can also post your own jobs where you are will to pay a user to complete a task for you.

5. Start Trading in Gold

Buy and sell Gold and Silver Bullion

You can trade the international gold market on the London, US and Swiss exchanges. If you set up a Bullion Vault account, they will credit your account with a free gram of gold which you can trade on any of the three exchanges straight away. All you need to register is an e-mail address.

Funding your account is very easy and you can hold it in cash with bullion vault until you are ready to buy gold bullion. To withdraw your funds you will need to validate your account by proving a copy of your passport and a bank statement.

Bullion Vault also have an affiliate referral program. You can earn 25% of the commission generated by people that you introduce to the site. To find out about this click on the link, click on help and type affiliate into the search box. If you don't fancy the highs and lows of the international gold market but have some gold you wish to sell you may be interested in Post Gold For Cash.

6. Publish your Novel

Write a proper novel

Harlequin is an established publishing company with a large catalogue of published works. Several categories are currently accepting submissions. This link takes you to the Harlequin site linking you directly to editorial guidelines for putting your story together.


7. Zapper

Selling books, games, CDS and DVDS online

Have just come across this site which buys up your unwanted CDS, DVDS, games and books for cash. It is a UK site but looks very simple to use. You simply enter the barcode of the item into the What's it worth? box and you instantly get a valuation. You print off a packing label, send it to Zapper and if all is well you receive your cheque in the post. The minimum order value is £10.00 and about 20% of barcoded books are accepted but most CDS, DVDS and games are, according to the site.

You can also trade in your old books and video games at Amazon. Amazon does not always offer the best price and it pays out in Amazon vouchers so check the website reviews and other sites first. We Buy Books offers top ratess for books and you can also trade in CD's, DVD's, video games and blu rays. If you have antiquarian books to sell, Amazon has a huge database of rare books where you can check your books value. You can then list the book on ebay or go to your local bookstore to get a higher.

8. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a platform where tweeters and advertisers can get tgether. Advertisers want YOU to tweet their products and will pay you to do so. What you need to do is establish a profile that is attractive to advertisers. They select the tweeters that they want to work with on a pay per tweet basis.


9. Facebook Market Place

Sell your unwanted stuff

Facebook allows you to sell your unwanted stuff for free. You don't even have to leave the house to post it as the buyer will come and collect. This is a great way of getting shut of large and small items and generating an income by de-cluttering your house.

Start writing

Writing online can be lucrative, but it takes time to establish content. Many sites come and go, Bubblews being a recent casualty for me as I made a fair bit of money from it.

Ten businesses you can start from home - Cottage Industries

This is ten ways to make money from home, without the internet. Until the 1970s commonly referred to as cottage industries, working from home has gained credibility as a legitimate business method. High speed internet, fax machines and cost advantage has made working from home a legitimate and worthwhile way to conduct business. Apple inc, HP and Google were all started in a garage or spare room.

Each idea listed is accompanied by a relevant link which will provide details about the business in question and usually details of other sources of help for that particular idea. Don't forget, you are your success. Start a business about something you are passionate about.

Money Saving Ten

Where can you get advice about making money on line and earning an extra income working from home? Where can you get advice and tips from other people about money saving and money making? Can I share my own tips and experience about earning money from home? These links are some of the top resources available on the web if you are interested in boosting your income and saving money every time you spend.

EBAY for Money Making Ideas

EBAY has lots of information guides and books available if you are serious about making money on the internet.

What do you think is the easiest way to make money online?

Don't forget to vote in our poll, The Easiest Way to Make Money Online. You can choose from online surveys and survey sites, blogging, cash back sites, writing on line, affiliate marketing and competitions. You can find out more information about all of these from the information above.

What is the easiest way to make money online

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Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

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      Had a go on bullion vault, was a but of fun cashing the gold in, it's worth about 35 quid, you need to send them your passport and bank statement to get the money so mine is still in the vault!

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      You don't mention online surveys and mystery shopping. I'm in the UK, and I have written two lenses on these subjects with links to the companies that pay me for this work.

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      Cash crate is a great site for making extra money, I definitely recommend it. Great lens!

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      Thanks for your comments

    • caketech profile image

      caketech 5 years ago

      I did receive one payment from Picky Domains. I believe it was $25.00. I have only had one of my domain names picked that I know of within the first couple months of signing up. I haven't been using it lately though.

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      Good tips in general, but what about pickydomains - has anyone actually received any payments from them ever?

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